Hoggy 2 - Beta 4 (Final for real this time)

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Okay, just one more beta:


Special shout out to the people who have been making levels... I've been enjoying the heck out of playing them, and you've really set up the sharing area so it won't be a blank wasteland when the game releases.  I truly appreciate that.

This build fixes the unsolvable levels, and also fixes the problem with the flying saws that interrupt eachother.  Sorry Shadowknight, I had to remove Chamber 1 because it's unsolvable now... but I think it can be tweaked a little bit so it IS solvable just by removing one of the saws.  See what you think!

That's all for now... thanks everyone...releasing pretty soon.


  • Lol, My levels will be remembered by the testers and i'm content with that. 
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    Hi, thanks for all the the karma, cant wait to try out all the new features at the weekend. First of all im still getting the sound glitch. I would like to know if any one else has had this problem. But im only getting this on my pc and no other device and have no idea why. Second i have been getting an error while playing shadowknight's level chamber 4 and the program stops working, see link below.
  • Hi Ed, do you get that error consistently?
  • Yep every time ive played that level so far, that error box always pops up.
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    me too, but i dont remeber which level I'll have to look at it again. +raptisoft, you got the block not breaking fixed for the next build?
  • Yep, it's chamber 4 and I get it in the editor also, 
    after playing level 3 times it seems (don't know if this is consistent)
  • Hi Shadow... block not breaking?  Did I miss something?  Also, you get the crash too, on Chamber 4?

    I'm trying to duplicate this-- is there a specific thing you do that causes the crash?
  • Yea I get the crash now, Guessing it might be counters?
    As for the block not breaking, that was what the whole glitch level was about,
    Saws doubled up wouldn't break blocks or reset to go again. 
    Thats why I reposted it. 
  • Oh-- yes, the saws are fixed.

    For this crash, I might have to give you guys a special build-- it doesn't crash for me.  I'll see Monday, I'm trying to stick to schedule right now.
  • Level 25 in the Beta is really unsolvable, really ;)
  • Yeah definitely, thats the same one as before haha I thought he fixed it
  • You know, I thought I did too.  This must be a bug in my version control.  It's immaterial because I don't like that level and I'm tossing it.
  • Small video of "green cubes bug" into vbeta 4, this bug is not present into beta 2 of Hoggy 2.

  • I got it, it's been corrected.  It was done to make the horizontal slider blocks' behavior compatible with Hoggy 1.  But I've chosen a different solution now.  Just ignore that level!
  • Help! I'm trying to download the beta, but it keeps on saying ERROR 404. Help please. Btw I'm on Mac.
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