Weekly #01 The Rebirth of the Forums

Feeling the need to do this, weekly #01! So, starting off the topic, how is 2015 looking for you?

Me, looks pretty bad, but I still have hope, especially since the forums came out.

And happy Valentines for tomorrow!


  • 2015 is plenty of fun to me so far :> btw the Lunar (Chinese) New Year is around the corner, so Happy the Year of the Goat!

    Valentine? Pfft love is overrated
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    2014 was fairly bad for Raptisoft, between lawyers and spammers, but hoping all that garbage is past now.

    Back in my loveless early 20's I always wanted to write a Valentine's Day poem in the style of Poe's "The Raven."

    Oh this day so dark and dreary
    Comes around each February
    Has been coming round each year and will be coming round still more
    And I'll spend the evening reading
    While my broken heart lies bleeding
    And the garden of my mind needs weeding like never before

    It needs cloud-sourcing to be finished. :)

  • 2015 is really exciting for me so far. 
    Registering for college classes almost made it terrible though, the programming class I wanted to get into was full a week before I was able to get in. After the first day of class 9 people dropped (which is almost 50% of the whole class!), and I got in.
    The class is about C and computer architecture, like ALUs and other things, which I find very difficult. Programming is fun though!

    We had our first test yesterday. On Tuesday he told us "It should take you about 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete, but you only have an hour and 15 minutes." and "You will think harder during my tests than you will any time for the rest of your life".

    So that was frightening. But I finished the whole thing, I know I got a few wrong, and on one of the programming parts we had to read in a file and stuff but at the end I forgot to close the files so I'll probably get points off for that. It shouldn't be too bad though. I have a 98% for the homework grades so far, so I don't think it will hurt too much. I just need to keep it at a B+ or higher so I can keep my scholarship. Not looking forward to the tougher math classes haha.

    My girlfriend and I agreed not to get anything for each other for Valentine's day. Thank glob.
  • For me, I hope to finish a sizeable project of age 18 months now, but am doubtful it will be done this year.

    Also I've been playing Dota 2. There's that too.

    Also windslayer, do I know you?
  • Hi john, chaosfire, everyone else,
    Great to see the forums back up and running!
    Robot Wants Kitty is still alive and kicking. We've still got new levels being created almost every day! I'd really like to thank everyone who has continued to support RWK. For platform junkies like me, it's fantastic. If you get a chance, check out levels by FOMB. There are many of them and FOMB is the Picasso of level designing. S/he also has a wicked sense of humour!
    Great to see you back John! Thanks for keeping me up-to-date during 2014.
    Best of luck for 2015.
  • One thing I noticed is in the Activity tab there seems to be deleted users, do we have spammers already?

    And it seems like everyone is posting lengthy replies so might as well do it too :P

    Right, 2015.
    Oh I have a feeling this is going to be a bad year (for me). Starting off, got bad news at the start of the year, something along the lines of: relative, college, declined. Also, in terms of schooling might be bad for me. Gotta start thinking on my career, and have to work extra hard, trying to get a scholarship, but with my intellect and other bad habits, that's going to be a stretch :P

    BUT, seeing things from the bright side. It does look like to be a pretty exciting year, gaming-wise, learning how to code and with the new forums up, seeing that there is a game being made by you, really got my mood up :D

    Poems, seems like I'll always be able to read them but have absolutely no understanding of what the message is @-)

    And I will try to play RWK, it's one of those games that I really want to play but have no time for.
    Hope that 2015 will be a good year for Raptisoft.
  • There will always be spammers.  This forum will kill a lot of them, but what a lot of spammers do is have a human being set up an account and then record it in a database for use by a bot later.  This forum has a lot more tools to manage that than my old one, but even better is that it's open source so I can tweak things too.  It's always better to roll your own spam protection since it's not cost-effective for spammers to break a code for a single forum on a single site, whereas they're constantly working their way around packages like StopForumSpam, etc.

    We'll see how it rolls out in the next month or so.  I got a couple spam registrations on day 1, tweaked a few things, and haven't had any since then.
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    @Avantir_Chaosfire: no I don't think so, I only joined the old forum when it had already been more or less deserted. But nice to meet you, seems like you're one of the veterans around here :)
  • 2015 is certainly looking up now that Raptisoft is back in action! Like many others, I've been checking back on the forums regularly and wasn't today a nice surprise to find! :D 

    Now to go sink hours upon hours into Solomon's Keep again, oh I can't wait for the things to come haha. Between Uni & (hopefully) some new Raptisoft game(s), my social life will be dead this year haha.
  • Well, let's hope it doesn't have the same fate as the last forum, seems unlikely though.

    And I've only noticed just 2 users from the last forums that came here. Well, time to see if there're others. Aussi3, Infamous Butcher, DarkNecros, Solace, was just a few names I can think of on the top of my head. Let's see how good I am with tracking people down on the net :P .
  • I haven't seen Aussi3 for like a couple of years or smth. He used to frequent the Infinity Blade forum and the Touch Arcade one, but not anymore. Didn't know him from the Raptisoft forum though!
  • In my time at the old forums I never saw Infamous Butcher post one time. It's been a long time for him I suppose.
    I messaged DarkNecros about it. I don't have any way to contact Aussi3 though
  • I searche up Aussi3 on IB 2, seems like he's an elite at the game. Don't know if it's our aussi3 but wow. Last time he was active in touch arcade was last year, again, don't know if it's the same Aussi3.

    And as for Infamous Butcher and Solace, pretty hard to search -.- seems like a new game by Raptisoft might make them or any of our old forum members to come back and check here.
  • We're forgetting about someone, oh what was his name? I think it started with M, but I'm not sure. He's the one who posted the picture of his truck broken and smoking on the side of the road in one of the weeklies. I know he had over a hundred posts.

    Also I can't seem to access the old forums. Raptisoft, can you find anything on there?
  • mp3y2k? something like that maybe. Doing a bit of searching for the old forums and found out raptisoft.com has been up since 2001! That is a long time. I hadn't expected 14 years.
  • BTW, you SHOULD be able to hit the old forums in the Wayback Machine.  Which might end up being the last ditch effort to recover the data.

    See, what happened was, when I took the forums down it was because I got hit by some massive spam attack that made so many posts it filled up the space on my server.  This caused the database to go berzerk somehow (it's not supposed to do that) and it broke all kinds of tables (or possibly it was an injection attack, I dunno).  So the recovery is a long and hard process, and I might end up resorting to the Wayback Machine myself, since trying to manually walk the database for text data means having to walk all the spam posts too.
  • The wayback machine seems to only have the forum homepage, but not the actual threads. 
  • Oh yeah there was him, but I was thinking of McFearsome! What happened to him?
  • I dont know, and Neosurge I think?
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