Weekly #8 - 2 (8th week, 2nd Weekly) The Silence is Haunting

What has everyone been doing besides checking back here and not saying much?

I have been desperately trying to stay away from Bloodborne spoilers, as I don't have a PS4 yet. Could be years until I get one... And YouTube continues to be all like "Hey! You know Bloodborne just came out? Want to watch?".


  • I think when I had to take the forums down from the spam violence I lost a lot of people... hopefully they find their way back.  There's a trickle of new users that come in, I know because I have to manually approve everyone's first post as the first line spam defense.
  • Today I played "Thks fr th mmrs" with my phone's speaker, a girl walked by and sang along a line.


    Although I could have totally climbed 3000 stairs today
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    I have been getting wrecked by college lol. I have the highest grade in my computer science class though. It is pretty exciting.
    Some kids in there have a 19% in the class. There are 6 people above 87% and mine is the highest at 95% 

    Also, once again my courses for next semester got filled before I can even register for them. Since I am only a freshman taking 300 level courses all the other people register before me and they get filled. I e-mailed a bunch of people and now they are inserting me into the classes. So thats good. 

  • @windslayer - That sounds good... What's this about 3000 stairs? XD

    @xgl - How hard is this class that some people have 19% in? Like what are you learning? It's kinda sad to get that % in college...
  • @Avantir_Chaosfire I visited a temple way up the top of a mountain, you must climb over 3000 stairs to get there. Since it's so high it is considered touching heaven, there is a monument called "fairy's chessboard" up there (strictly speaking that's "xian", sort of a Chinese equivalent to Western fairy).
  • My class is called Computer Systems. We are learning programming in C, assembly, and machine architecture.

    It is an extremely difficult class, the C programming isn't too hard at all (not for me at least, I struggle with the machine architecture part) Assembly is kind of confusing when you first start but now its fine. We had to write an insertion sort in assembly code, he told us since we only had 4 registers (eax-edx) we would have to store things into memory temporarily but when I did it I never had to so I don't know what thats about. It all works and everything so I guess it's fine. Machine architecture is what really kills me ha. It's like how the cpu and memory work together, and buses and stuff. Everything inside a computer (we mostly focused on how the cpu completes tasks). We learned how to build a simple ALU with a full adder/subtractor as well as operations for two's complement multiplication and regular division (that is, no negative numbers like in two's complement)

    I'm pretty excited I have the highest grade in the class. Hoping nobody is tied with me for the highest grade, I gotta try harder. Ha
  • It seems kinda simple when I say it like that, the problem is there is just so much. My teacher gives us like every single bit of information, he pretty much is talking a mile a minute throughout the entire class every class. It really is very difficult ha.
  • I have a job at a dollar store now, and spend most my time playing bloodborne or the dark souls 2 rerelease
  • I have continued working at the homeless shelter and I am in school to be and addiction therapist. I am playing Majora's Mask 3d.
  • I never played the 3d zelda games, I always preferred the 2d ones like Oracle of Seasons/Ages, Links awakening, A link to the past.
  • I haven't played zelda... at all... Sh...
  • They are fantastic games. Very difficult.
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