Attn: raptisoft ..Crashing issue

Hi this is for raptisoft - I recently got a new iPhone. I redownloaded RWK and I am unable sign into my kitty connect account. Every time I try and enter all the info to sign in, it crashes the app before I can finish typing everything. That sucks because I'm unable to rate levels or create levels. Any way you could help me get back and signed in? I really enjoy this game and it would be a shame to lose out. Thanks!



  • Hola Kyle,

    If you can, please contact me here:

    Let me know what kind of iPhone you have, etc.  Apple keeps changing their APIs and breaking backwards compatibility to the point where it's very difficult to keep up with them.  But we'll see what we can figure out!
  • I too got a new phone (iPhone 7) but I still use my old one (iPhone 4S) to play RwK due to the screen size issue. I have played RwK on my iPhone 7 before, although I don't like to, and it did used to work but when I tried just now, I experience crashing as well. You're right it must be some update that broke it. :/

    Please Raptisoft, for the sake of "Something New III", please help Kyleseglin!
  • Hi Guys, I will look into this as soon as Hoggy 2 is all done! 
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