Do you plan to port Hoggy 2 for Nintendo 3ds/Wii U/Switch after ios and android release ?

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The question is in the title ;) I am so excited to play the complete game Hoggy 2 on my iphone 7 plus ! I am really ready to pay 100$ for the beta of Hoggy 2 right now for my iphone. Hoggy is the best game EVER.


  • Rasta, yes, I'm going to try.  I've always been a Nintendo Fanboy so that would be the feather in my cap.  The game is already set up to work with joystick, so it'd simply be a matter of porting the graphics and input.
  • YEAH ! :D I will buy EACH version of Hoggy 2 :)
  • Hoggy 2 on Wii u will be awesome, i hope this can become a reality.
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