iOS removing 32 bit support soon. Any impact on RWK?

Hi Raptisoft,

I've been reading more and more that iOS will stop supporting 32 bit apps in a future release, probably iOS 11, but possibly even sooner.  Do we RWK addicts need to be concerned?  Is RWK a 32 bit app and will it stop working when Apple does ultimately cut the cord on 32 bit apps?  And if this is the case, are there any plans to update it to 64 bit?  It would be tragic indeed if RWK would be impacted by this!!  I cannot go a day without playing a level or two, even if I've played them all countless times already!


  • I have the 10.3 beta and it gives trouble.  So as soon as Hoggy 2 is done I'm going to sit down and get all these old apps updated.  It's a terrible prospect because last time I tried, there was a lot wrong with them.

    Brief soapbox: I hate that Apple as a platform requires a programmer to revisit their stuff so much.  It really eats into putting out new stuff.
  • Thanks for the reply Raptisoft.  I'm glad, as I'm sure everyone else who loves RWK and your other games is, that you do plan to revisit these games for 64 bit.  I can imagine what a pain this must be.  Frankly, once you do update them, you should charge for the updated versions.  I would have zero issues paying for updated versions of your games.  For as much enjoyment as I get from your games, I think that it would be only fair for you to make some money, especially since you are being more or less forced to do this extra work by Apple.
  • Nah, I won't charge for them... but just FYI, my current plan is all new games to be premium.  I hate the whole concept of freemium, I feel it has destroyed games, and it makes too much of an urge to make the game "just a leeeeeetle too difficult to win without buying gold" etc.
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