Star Jars AND Star Door

I Hack Hoggy 2 Level World. Please I'm sorry Raptisoft dont kick/ban me


  • As long as you don't try to upload it.  Yes, several jars have several different ways to solve them... some have stars, that are a lot harder to get, and require thinking about the solution in a different way, and the jars where you can win the level while still remaining an acorn to bust walls in the main world are returning as well.
  • John is a really creative man ! Hoggy 2 has a lot of exciting new features, new items, new way to play (star jars and stars doors, etc..), and a full and complete level editor AND internet sharing levels. I can't wait. The last beta is out since 1 month...  (beta 4) 
  • edited February 2017
    It's only days from being done.  But my kids are down with the croup right now.  For those that don't know, croup is a special nasty kind of sickness that keeps both parents up all night long.

    Any know why?  Because I told a guy a release date.   Any time I tell someone a release date, the universe re-arranges itself to make sure I miss it.  This was supposed to be my final weekend, then just internal testing, and release.

    This is why I try not to give dates.  Solomon's will not have a date, it will suddenly just appear one day!
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