Chuzzle 2 is a reality ?

Today, im just watch the raptisoft forums, and i have found the new category: Chuzzle 2. It is a real project ? I can't wait Hoggy 2 coming out, and solomon's keep remake, hamsterball 2, sequel of robot wants kitty, and, yes !!! Chuzzle 2 ! Do you plan to create the new ip in the furture ?


  • It's a real project... I'm actually fully contracted to do it with Popcap games at any time of my choosing.  I mostly haven't done it because my user's demand for other games is so much higher.  It was partly done years ago, but Popcap didn't want to do it because Chuzzle was still earning very well so they didn't "see the need" for a sequel.
  • Where is Chuzzle for apple store ? I love this game, but since the ios update, i have lost the game... Any plan to reput this game into app store ?
  • And also, the game 4 letters 1 worls has been removed from app store, too.
  • Popcap has the distribution rights to Chuzzle 1, and they removed it from the App store for their own reasons (I don't know why... it was earning well, but they pulled it anyway, after EA bought them).

    Four letter words was removed because it hadn't been updated-- and nobody wants it, it doesn't sell anything at all. :)

  • Popcap left Chuzzle?
  • They still sell it on some strange networks, but they don't offer it anywhere significant any more, and it doesn't really generate much income any more (but if it they ever take it off ALL their networks, the contract is broken and it falls back to me, so I'm guessing they keep it on just enough networks to satisfy that).

  • Any closer to updating Chuzzle for IOS11?
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