HD graphics problems

I Found That HD is not remaded on Hoggy 2 Files This Green Goomba image Is Looks Like HD But Red Goomba Image Is Doesn't Looks Like HD. But Hoggy While Gravity In-game It Looks Like Not HD Like Hoggy Maker Mall Head Fix This http://imgur.com/a/KuYT8 ;


  • This Link Is NOT Working I'm Wrong
    Here's Correct Link http://imgur.com/vfq8C4T
  • edited February 2017
    I think what you're seeing there is graphic artifacts from the filtering in-game.  Some of your pictures are cut from screenshots, the sharper ones come right from the PNGs.

    Everything has been re-drawn for H2, using zoomed copies of the H1 graphics as guides.

    I.E. here is "actual" Hoggy (which you have marked as "not HD") which as you can see is a huge graphic.  It's shrunk down for the game, and then the graphics card also applies filtering to it, giving it a somewhat blurred appearance whenever it's not on a direct pixel boundary.

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