Still waiting for Hoggy 2 and no reaction?


it's been 3 months that the final version was announced by RaptiSoft and still there's nothing except 'a really final Beta'. I really would expect the developer to give a status update on what is happening to Hoggy 2 currently. I simply can't believe that finalizing a product needs that long. What is going on? What is the estimated release date? It is unprofessional to leave the crowd uninformed.

Thank you for your understanding.


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    Sorry!  It's in the very final stages, which mean I'm just playing it over and over again, finding where it's not fun, or which jar needs to be moved where!  I could deliver it this second if I wasn't a perfectionist!

    I don't give dates because any time I do something happens to kill the date (I gave a date earlier this year and then my family got hit by several waves of illness that left me bedridden and really set me back).

    But I will say it IS time to watch daily to see when it suddenly goes live.

  • I can give some stats at this point though...

    In Hoggy 2, NORMAL difficulty features 220 levels, 3 miniboss battles, and nine levels of boss battles.  There are 20 stars to collect (you collect stars by playing a level in some weird or complex way so that you can touch the star) and there are four jars that will let you emerge as an acorn to access more levels in the main world.

    EASY difficulty (which many of you have seen as "kid mode") features 50 levels and three levels of boss battles.

    KID difficulty features 10 levels and one boss battle that are stripped down so that 4-6 year olds can play.

  • This is a pretty good news ! 220 jars :D It's just so BIG !
  • Small question about Hoggy 2. The game have 220 jars, but in the beta 4, we have ''jar 255'' Some level was abort ? And in 220 jars, do you have include the original Hoggy 1 game ? Lost levels in the future ?
  • I think the jar 255 was due to it being stored in a variable of type "char" which can store values of 0-255. It was probably just a bug
  • Ha, no, "Jar 255" was just a name... those numbers don't mean anything except they're a secret code to help me remember which ones should go approximately where.
  • It seemed too coincidental to not be because of the max byte value :) haha
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    Yes ! Hoggy 2 is for soon ! :D
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    X@xxor Stuff For Enter Code Example: Unlock Levels?
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