Hamsterball 2,question

Hi!I know this was asked several times,but when will you aproximately release this game.Will it be this year?I would love to give it to my sister as her birthday present this December.Thank you so much.


  • Let me get back to you on this.  My next big project after Hoggy 2 is out is going to be to get Solomon's Keep HD out.
  • Thank you!But will you make hamsterball after solomon's keep?
  • That's a "probably."  I had intended to do a poll here on the forums... I have a lot of people who do a lot of good work on Robot Wants Kitty, and they all desire a nice updated version of that.  So either that or HB2 will be first-- but the poll here will be decide which!  (Both should be reasonably fast, since all the complex level editing and web-sharing work has already been completed through Hoggy 2, part of the reason for it taking so long).
  • Okay,thank you.I can't wait and I would really love from you to release hamsterball 2,that was the game of my childhood!
  • I'll see what happens!  I'm enthusiastic about it because it has an editor, and it'll be really fun to see what crazy stuff people come up with.
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