Hoggy 2: Solutions discussion

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Hi everyone. I thought it would be a good idea to open a thread for solutions to hoggy for anyone who is having trouble. Im sure the full release has many tricky levels and some help may be needed, i know i could have done with some help on the original hoggy but i got there eventually.

I'll start with my level up and down by request of rastapopoulon, hope this helps.


  • Thank you ed500 ! Wow, your a pro of Hoggy snaking method ! :) I will try it !
  • And if you have trouble with one of my levels, just post the name and i will made a video for anwser you !
  • infinitely going up solution 
  • Ouff ! Your the best with this method ! I never success to beat this level ! You better than me for this genre of level :) So... Good work !!!
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    thanks, it takes a while to perfect the technique and lots of patience. it took me about 2 hours to solve it the first time.
  • This won't go in the initial release, but would you guys want an update eventually that would allow you to put in some "hints" for the players?  Like they could pop open the menu, select "hints" and you could provide up to three hints on how to solve the levels, that they can reveal by clicking?
  • Yes, good idea !
  • What is the machine code for jar 215? You have to put in the right code, and it's the last level I need to beat besides the ridiculous trophy level.
  • What is the "machine's code" in jar 215? It's the only level I haven't beaten yet, besides the ridiculous trophy level.
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