Thank you Raptisoft.

I take a little two minutes to thank John to make us spoiled players. It creates games of an incredible quality and remarkable! Moreover, it is one of the only creator of games that speaks directly with the players, via its forum! Raptisoft has a magical aura, because not only are all the games excellent, but also complete. They are not filled with horrible integrated purchases that spoil the fun of the game. Look for example the game Hoggy 2. The game had been announced for early 2016, but it only happens now. Must one be angry or disappointed with all these multiple reports? No ! Because when the game comes out, it will be like those of the major publishing houses, like Nintendo, for example. Fine and with as few bugs as possible. You know, personally, Raptisoft reminds me a little Nintendo and Rareware at the time when the games were excellent (the SNES or N64 times)! Hoggy would have had a good place on SNES and when we play Hoggy 2, we have this impression of quality, the same fun to play that we had in the era blessed retro games. Better to postpone a game and get it done well rather than get out a game too quickly and disappoint people. And it was not said by anyone, but by Shigheru Miyamoto, the creator of
the Super Mario Bros. saga. And Zelda, among others. Thank you John for making me live all these beautiful moments through your games so fun! I invite everyone who reads this post to comment here what is your favorite Raptisoft game (1 only) and take time to thank this small studio so talented! It takes time to create a game. To do things right so that everything is as perfect as possible must take even longer!


  • My favorite game from Raptisoft is Hoggy
  • Solomon's Keep
  • Well thanks guys.  Sorry I've been so slow lately... I'm contemplating minimizing my involvement in Cubic Castles, and if I do, that will speed things up.
  • I second the notion of our Rasta population! 3 cheers for Lord Raptis!
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    Favorite raptisoft game? Probably Solomon Dark, even though it stopped working properly for me. I can only hope that SKHD will soon take SD's place!
  • My Favorite Hoggy , Solomon and Hamsterball

  • Wait... Raptisoft was involed in Cubic Castles? I loved that game! Too bad I never play it anymore ;(
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    I wrote the client and did all the artwork. :)

    Another guy wrote the server end, and the third guy did the crafting systems and game balancing.

    But, as a team we're having difficulty finding what the players want out of it.
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