Hoggy 1 Android

Hi! :)

I wanted to shorten my waiting time until the release of Hoggy 2 so I installed Hoggy from Google Play Store.
When I tried to start it, the only thing I got was a black screen for some seconds.
Trying to start the app in landscape mode, gives me at least that error:


Hope you can help me :(


  • Hi there,

    Hoggy for Android was ported by someone else, using the Marmalade system.  Looks like some kind of incompatibility has crept in in more recent Android releases.  I won't be able to assist before Hoggy 2 is released.  I'm planning after Hoggy 2 is all finished and complete to go back and fix all my old codebase (since Apple is soon going to kill off all older apps by requiring 64bit).
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