Broken Game; "Access _____ from _____" error?

Every time I try launching Hamsterball on my Windows 10 Lenovo computer, it keeps popping up with an error when loading is around 75% done. It says something about one thing trying to access another thing but it didn't work or something? I'm not too sure what the error was, but if you know what I'm talking about is there any way to fix it? The installation I'm using is from Big Fish Games if that helps, and it happens even if I use the original program for an extra 30 minutes of playtime.


  • Hi there... did you solve this problem?  My moderation queue had you in with several replies to this thread, but only the first entry came through after I approved them (some kind of forum glitch, I think!)... it LOOKED like you solved it from the other replies.

    If you did, can you please re-post the solution here so others can find it?  And if not, can you give me a screenshot of the error?

  • Sure!

    Apparently all I did was go into the registry like everyone does but instead of changing the resolution I changed the Fullscreen mode from 01 (on) to 00 (off). It works perfectly now, say for the occasional slowdown.
  • Ah... good.  In games since Hamsterball, for this very reason, I make the settings go into a text file-- much easier to edit and tweak!
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