Hamsterball 2, Progress or on hold?

Have you guys almost finished up Hamsterball 2, or is there still a few kinks left in the mix you gotta bash out? I have a few other questions too;
1. Is it going to be released onto popular game sharing sites like WildTangent, Steam, or Origin?
2. How heavily moderated will the level sharing system be? Will you need to complete the course yourself, something a'la Super Mario Maker style?
3. Will there be seperate tiles of obstacles in the level editor (ex. there could be a tile that features toons and then place a tile next to it with Dawggies on it) or will it be fully free to do what you want in it?
4. Will there be more unlockables than there were in the first game, like maybe (and this is just a suggestion ;P) have a mode where instead of going down a track, you went UP it instead? And will items used in the level editor be unlocked by finding secrets or beating certian times in their respective levels?

Thanks for reading! :D


  • Whoops. Some typos here and there. At #3 I meant to put Toobs.

    Also, at number four, the first part is talking about like a Mirror Tourney except its mirrored Vertically instead of Horizontally. Sorry for not explaining.
  • Hi,

    The whole "game code" is done, what isn't done is the level editor, which is fairly difficult not to write, but to make USER FRIENDLY.  Some of the levels are done, but it needs more.  So I'd say it's about 60-70% done.  When I can finally sit down and work on nothing but, it's probably a 2-3 month project, unless Rastapopoulon tests it, in which case tack on another month for all the bugs he finds. :)

    Your questions:

    1. Hopefully all
    2. Yeah, being able to complete a course will clear it for upload.  Then it'll be very similar to how Hoggy is, where people can report abusive content, rate it, give it stars to grant more visibility, etc.
    3. The level editor basically works like Minecraft-- you place various shaped blocks.  BUT, then if you want to you can grab individual vertices, faces, and sections to move them around, or apply warps to them (I.E. make a long straight path, and then apply a spiral warp to it).
    4. Yes... HB1 was in a different era, where a lot of that stuff didn't even exist-- it actually had a lot of unlockable stuff for that era!  It's also actually a little bit more like Mario64, in that you progress by solving courses-- and then re-solving them in different ways.
  • Few more questions (had some time to think here);
    5. WIll there be a tutorial for the game for any newcomers who start with the second one? Will it introduce EVERY mechanic in the game, like how Dawggies, Bonk, and the 8 Balls work?
    6. If theres a star system, maybe should there be a system where you can unlock level themes with those stars, something like Mario & Donkey kong: Tipping Stars?
    7. What is the planned price of the game? Will the demo be timed or will it just limit what you can do in the game? And will the demo contain the level editor (but you wont be able to upload levels)?
  • 5. Yes, typically I try to make any game I write able to "stand alone."
    6. I'll have to look into Tipping Stars... what I've done in Hoggy is simply, you get a limited number of stars that you can grant to levels, to encourage using them ONLY on the ones you really really like.  Levels that get stars go onto their own special list so people can browse the most exciting stuff.
    7. I don't think I will ever do a game over $10.00 ever again-- the market simply can't bear it.  Demo will be limited features, not timed.  Uploads will be allowed, but like in Robot Wants Kitty or Hoggy, your access to browsing content will be limited.
  • So basically, you are allowed to upload levels in the demo but maybe only other demo players can play it, and demo players cant view levels made in the full version?
  • Well, honestly, I expect to get enough data from Hoggy to fine tune that in the end.  With Robot Wants Kitty, it worked out well that demo users could upload. It might be different for each game,
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