A little Q&A about some things regarding sharing games

Just want to know some things;
1. Are you planning on releasing any of your old, forgotten games to lesser known game sharing sites like FreeRideGames (gives revune based on ads) or WildTangent (gives revenue based on buying WildCoins and using them in games, not to mention buying the game itself)?
2. Are you planning on releasing games like Hamsterball onto Steam, since Chuzzle is on there?
3. Are you guys thinking about making games for Steam aligned torwards the higher end of the age group, like FPS games and things like that?


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    1. Hamsterball is (was?) already on WildTangent.  Chuzzle is "owned" by Popcap games, so I don't have many options there until I do Chuzzle 2 (which I still have the rights to).  Hap Hazard was a cathartic game that I did "for myself" and really would only appeal to Jumpman fans, so I don't think it'd be worth the effort to do that.  Boonka is under a curse and so I won't touch it again until the curse is dispelled.  Everything else has either been sold to another company, or is mobile-only.

    2.Yes...but Hamsterball is so dated that it would get a lot of hate on Steam if I tried to release it there.  I'd have to either remaster, or wait for HB2.

    3. I have a very hardcore FPS game designed, but I might not ever implement it because I think games should always be "kid friendly" but designed in a way that adults can enjoy.  I have a few rules like "you only kill nonhuman, evil creatures" and "no disgust or disturbing imagery" (any gross stuff in Solomon's Keep is designed to be so over the top as to be ridiculous and funny, not disturbing).  The hardcore FPS I have designed does not violate any of that, but, well, if I ever do it, you will understand exactly why I'm a little bit hesitant.  It has potential human, non-bad guy collateral damage.
  • I'm a fan on the now defunct Sandlot Games you collaborated with during Boonka's development. Being interested in the history and preservation of their games, I came across your site. What's this I heard about Boonka being under a curse? Could you elaborate?

    Thankfully, the game is currently still available on WildTangent, but who knows how much longer? Not too long ago, anything Digital Chocolate (the company who bought and killed Sandlot Games) published at Big Fish Games got delisted, including Boonka. The most likely reason is that BFG's contract with Digital Chocolate expired, what with them having ceased all activity years ago. If WildTangent's contract is similar, then it's only a matter of time before Sandlot Games lineup will disappear from there as well. Not much can be done about most of their games, seeing how their owner never cared about them in the first place, but if you still have the rights to Boonka, I'd appreciate if you could at least save it.

    You also made a very short-lived mobile game called Boonka Snap. Hardly any information about it exists on the web, but according to the last post on this page, it's an upgraded version of your first mobile game, Get Lucky. Is there any chance it could one day be re-released?

    Interestingly enough, the aforementioned post also claims that Boonka Snap was merely supposed to be a preview for another Boonka mobile game. Did it get cancelled?
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