Some races are missing?

Hi. A couple months back my dad got me Hamsterball again since it's very nostalgic to me. He got it off Big Fish Games, somehow, even though the game isn't even listed there anymore. I took note that a couple races were missing, and found no way to get it back.

I can't quite remember everything that was missing off the top of my head, but from memory, the Beginner Race, Impossible Race, and a couple others were missing. Is there a way to fix this? If not, i am 100% willing to buy the game again.


  • Hi HexHammer... some versions didn't have as many races.  Do me a favor, contact us here:

    ...and send a copy of your BigFish receipt, and we'll hook you up with the full version.
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    I said that my dad was the one who got me the game. I don't know exactly how i would find the BigFish receipt, would you know?

    The account he used (which hasn't been used since '08) had some sort of free game pass (EDIT: they're called game credits) that he used on Hamsterball, if it helps.
  • Okay so i've managed to find the BigFish receipt myself, will contact you shortly.
  • Am having this same problem, should I email too?
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