Hoggy 2 Demo (Pre-release)

edited April 2017 in Hoggy
Hoggy.com won't be ready until sometime tomorrow, but for those that want it, the demo of Hoggy 2 is available here:

The demo allows exploration of the first 1/4th of the World (up to the first miniboss).  Makermall is very limited in the demo, so keep using your beta version for that until the full game is available. 

If you have levels you want to move over to the new version, please do the following:
1. In your beta version, locate the sandbox folder.
2. Locate sandbox/makermall/mylevels
3. Open your new version of Hoggy 2
4. Go into settings, and select "H@xxor Stuff"
5. Type in secret code "MYLEVELS" and press activate
6. A folder to your new levels location will one.  Drag your level files from your older sandbox into the new folder.

But again, Makermall is very limited in the demo.  But these same steps will apply when I get the full build up.

Also, there's a place where you can get all the Hoggy 1 levels in Hoggy 2, even in the demo!  Explore until you find the gated door!


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