Jar 48. Please help.

I assume you have to exit the level as acorn hoggy but how can you reach the fruit, i can complete the level without hitting the red switch but cant reach the fruit. Or is there something glaringly obvious that i have missed. See image. thanks.


  • Sorry, i have now just completed it, i had to leave a fruit behind as the last one to get when as a acorn.
  • The best part about Hoggy is two things:

    1. Lots of the jars are like the infamous Babel Fish puzzle from the Hitchhiker's video game-- in that when you find the solution, you find out that we anticipated you and further work is required.

    2. The biggest obstacle in Hoggy is your own preconceptions!  Sometimes you have to change your whole way of thinking to solve them, and I'm very proud of Karl's design skills to do such a thing!
  • Sounds great, really looking forward to playing it on android *-*
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