Anyone got a Mac?

Does anyone have a Mac, to test the Mac version of Hoggy 2 on?

The port was a little more... adventurous... than expected, since any time Apple updates their OS they invalidate any code they think they can get away with.  So I'm looking for someone to test the Mac version and look for visual glitches, or problems interacting with Makermall.  It's a free copy!  (I only need one tester for this).



  • MacBook Pro 2016 here
  • Thanks!  I'll hit you up with a private message soon (in the next day or so, still working on a few outstanding tech issues).
  • MacBook Air 2015 with Os X 10.10.5 . Son is waiting long time for this release!!!! Looking every day. here :-) 
  • It was submitted to the App store on Saturday... just waiting on approval and it will release!

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