A few questions

Hail friends!
I've been a fan of the Solomon games for quite a bit of time. That being said, I can't wait for the new game. So thought i'd ask a few things.
1  You said the earliest the game would be released would be before May if all things in the Universe wanted this game released as soon as possible. My question is, What is the worst case scenario if it is completed as late as possible?
2  If the game is as popular as you'd like, what classes would you most likely add to the game?
3  What gave you the idea for the first Solomon game?
4  If Magic Missile is the same in Solomon's Keep, can you please make it so it goes over chests like the other spells?
5  Of the new game, there are probably many new features compared to the others. What would you say you feel most proud of? (Pst! Don't answer if it's a secret!)

That's about all I could think about for now and I cant wait for the new one. (Neither can my brother!)


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    1. After the debacle of Solomon Dark, I don't like to give a number-- it feels like I'd curse myself to miss it if I give a date.  I'm going to get it out as fast as possible.  It's proceeding nicely at this time!  May won't happen, because I have other commitments that must be fulfilled, but-- well, I don't want to give any times/dates.
    2. Druid, Priest, Samurai, in that order.
    3. I've been an RPG lover all my life-- I wanted in! :)  Also, the guy who voices Solomon has been a friend of mine for ages, and somehow I always pictured his voice going with a comedic dread wizard.  The rest flowed.
    4. Yes.  That's a complaint I get VERY frequently!
    5. Two things: More character classes, and a robust side-quest system.  These were both things I wanted in the original Solomon's Keep, but the hardware requirements at the time made it impossible.  The side quests are especially fun, because there's a lot of irreverent stuff I can add in there.

  • If I may chime in on question one. John often feels he can get more work done in a shorter amount of time than is humanly possible. He has such a dedication to perfection on his projects that he will not release until every little thing is perfect. And this is a great thing. But it is something to keep in mind when looking forward to Keep.

    Second, in regards to question two, John, do not forget you wanted to add the ........... Algebra Class!!

    clap clap clap chirp chirp chirp

    "The comedy stylings of Dork Lord everyone!"

  • Ha ha ha! Yeah, I actually find that one funny :))
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