Hap Hazard 2 or Robot Wants Puppy?

You Said There's is a RWK Remake Sequel I Don't Know There's is Hap Hazard 2 is unoffically RWK Sequel


  • It'll be Hap Hazard 2... but many of the same features.  Hamumu games has moved on to Growtopia now as his main project and isn't collaborating on other stuff.
  • Just wondering how similar Hap Hazard 2 will be to Hap Hazard? I'm wondering as Hap Hazard is totally different than RwK and so I therefore cannot fathom how it can be a sequel to RwK.
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    The original Hap Hazard was a remake of an old game I loved when I was a kid (Jumpman) and it seems that me and about three other guys enjoy it, so I wouldn't attempt to do that again.

    The remake would be almost exactly like RwK, but built with more advanced stuff (triggers, more powerups, ability to change scenes and put NPCs in to talk to, etc).  So, it would essentially be RwK2, except with my own IP so I have total control over it.  Essentially "Metroidvania Game Maker."

    For those curious, the Hoggy Editor would be similar to the Hap Hazard 2 editor... I made the whole thing knowing I would use a lot of the same code for HH2.
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    I dont want there to be a Robot Wants Puppy. Hamumu is just so harsh and terrible. He banned me from his site because he thinks I pirated his games and it was someone else. I ask him to look so he can believe me and he refuses. Its so quick to do it. Now I am banned for life and if I ask him to check the evidence he bans or ignores me.
  • Wow that is like music to my ears! Happy days. Thanks for the detailed explanation.
  • That's not the reason I don't want Robot Wants Puppy. I just told you because I wanted everyone to know.
  • Apologies ToxicGhost57, my comment was directed at Raptisoft. I feel your pain, getting banned sucks.
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    It sure does. I noticed their site has been disabled for a great while. Doesn't he get annoyed of me bugging him? Why doesn't he check the evidence? He'd rather get bothered by me for a long time instead of looking at the evidence. Isn't that crazy?
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