Updates to 64-bit?

I searched the forums and didn't see an answer to this question, but was wondering if the Solomon's games will be updated for compatibility with iOS 11. I can see right now that they will be incompatible, which is a real shame. I'm sure it's real work and for a game developed years ago not too satisfying but the world still needs Solomon's Keep!


  • Hey Johnffarrell: just click to this link?, and you will found your anwser ! (check the first message of the top)

  • Yep, as soon as H2 is done, I plan to use the new framework code for that to fix Solomon AND move Solomon to Android.

    See, all you people steaming and angry that I've been doing Hoggy 2... the work done in H2 is not wasted, it translates directly to getting things working again! :D
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