Anwser about ANY question about Hoggy 2

Hello ! If you have any questions about Hoggy 2, ask it here, and I will anwser you very quickly.

Some precisions:

--> 220 levels in Hoggy 2
--> 3 "miniboss"
--> 3 big boss (3 phase each)
--> 21 stars
--> 7 secrets (you have to end "?" jar with Hoggy acorn

--> 40 levels of Hoggy 1 is in Hoggy 2 too

--> It's normal in makermall do not have all items to the start. If you Play to Hoggy 2, you will receive Karma for each level you won for upgrade your level.

--> when you will won the game to 100%, it's normal you don't have all items on makermall. You will reach Level 16.

--> for upgrade other levels and other items like trigger, you have to create and share your levels, and if people love your levels, people can drop a karma and stars to your levels.

--> when you have enough Karma for upgrade, you can upgrade and unlock more items on makermall.

--> Level 19 is max level in makermall for unlock items. After 19, it's just for the proud, because after Level 19, you don't unlock anything.

--> On pc version (demo) You can share a maximum of 3 levels. For share more of 3 levels, you have to purchase the game.
-> for open Hoggy 1 levels door, you have to post on your twitter account "#hoggy" and copy link of your tweet, and paste on "tell me how" section of the door. You will receive a code. Tap this code in the door, and that's it !

--> any other question ? Solutions ? or other ? Ask here and I will anwser !


  • How do you beat jar 208? I might just be missing something simple but I can't figure this one out. Any help would be great!
  • I will help you !
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    Check your PM :D
  • Of course! Why didn't I see that?! Thank you so much!
  • Yo welcome !
  • I thought I saw somewhere that Hoggy and Hogatha play differently or have different skills or something like that but I can't find it anymore. Are there any diffierences in gameplay between them or is it purely cosmetic? Thank you!
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    It's just purely cosmetic. HOWEVER, listen music of the hub! With Hogatha, music of hub change a little bit.It's the only difference. Other is just cosmetic.
  • Thanks Rasta!
  • I've beaten the insane level, got 255 keys, 21 stars, and 6 secrets. I've been back and forth across the world map several times and cannot for the life of me find another secret or set of jars. I'd greatly appreciate some light shed on these last 5 keys. Thank you!
  • Hi EDLDS ! I will help you with that. Go on your MP, you will found your anwser :)
  • Jar 205? I can't think of anything else to try?? Help!
  • Would you kindly share your solution for 208 with me? Also,  I am also hopelessly stuck trying to get the secret on Jar 093.
  • I too am perplexed by 208. There seems no way to pop them.
  • ok ! Jar 93 soluce:

  • Jar 205 soluce:

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    —> For jar 208, we will check into that.
  • —> An update will coming for patch jar 208, because it’s insolvable now. 1.4.1 will be coming soon for patch this issue.
  • Jar 60 help me please!
  • Hi need help finding the last secret and 5 keys please.
  • Please help me find the last secret and 5 keys please. Also I would love to see a video of someone doing the insanity level. I'm going to keep at it until I get it.
  • stuck on #197. also missing the last secret and 5 key. pls help!
  • It's great that you're making these videos rastapopoulon, there are a few jars I'm stuck with as well and hoping you've made a video on them. How are you making these, on an Android?
  • Hi Rastapopoulon, I can't figure out how to complete jar#157 in hoggy 2 . Any clue you could give away? Thanks a lot!
  • Ok Hi all, I will reply to you ;)
  • CAB78, go into your mp :)
  • absolut insane level:

  • Jar 060 soluce for you mlisagor :)

  • There is jar 197 for you mymcmanaman

  • @fnanfne: I will made a video of EACH H2 jar :) hihihi. I use my iphone 7+ with ios 11 for the record ;)
  • Really?! I thought Apple discontinued any app that "records the screen" over security concerns a short while ago. Is this now native within iOS 11?
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