What happened!?

Hi I recently on a whim checked your website  after a 3 year hiatus (HUUUUUGEEE fan of the Solomon games by the way) and I was saddened that S.D. 2.0/deluxe wasn't released yet and so I looked up on the forums and its like the waking up from a coma and realizing a zombie apocalypse happened while I was out. So I understand that there were some legal trolls that derailed your game but what is going on now? because I am only seeing the after math and I really want to play a new Solomon game :(


  • Hola.  Yes, Dark got derailed by a dispute where I ultimately prevailed, but not until I had lost the energy and focus to complete the game.  At some point I will release it as a free unfinished thing for people to poke around at, possibly even opening the source for people to tweak.

    At this time I'm working on a new version of Solomon's Keep, with more stuff.

  • Well I am glad to hear that you prevailed over the evil menace in the end but as much I'd hate to ask will the new S.K. have a survival mode like S.B.? S.K. was great but Boneyard had a lot more replay value.
  • He said there is a possible multi-player so I wouldn't doubt it.
  • Hey I have made it this long without another Solomon game it certainly won't kill me if another one doesnt get released. I am just  happy that the dev won against the horrible degenerate that literally prolonged a new game in this series for 3ish years.
  • At the present time there are no plans to have a survival mode in Keep.

  • Well hey just as long as a new roguelike/roguelite is released in the end I'll be happy! (I am a big of : B.O.I., F.T.L., D.O.D., C.O.T.N. ,Ziggurat , & N.T. so a new time sink would be great)
  • Release dates "are poison," as quoted by raptisoft, but any idea what month- er year- er generation... What's an aproximate time for the unfinished game (Solomon dark unfinished) to come out? I would love to show my friends how awesome this is, but I got is boneyard and keep :(
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    Stop trying to trick me into saying something!  If I say something the whole universe will re-arrange itself to make sure I can't make that day/month/year/generation!
  • Just ignore them lol BUT if you somehow got delayed by a few generations that'd be cool I mean you would be in the future! Till then though holla if you need a beta/alpha tester :)
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