Fomb's Endless Cave

This is a massive level! Can you think of any other massive ones?



  • It seems like Dropbox does not allow this type of linkage any more, all the images I've shared this way are now not displaying as a result. If you want to see the photo, right click on that broken image link and choose "open in new tab".
  • Wow, I had never seen that one before.  Thanks for making it!  I haven't been on RWK in a good old and not working well and all the other problems of an old ios game.  I wonder if larger levels like this still even work?  I know my qigong level quit being functional and I think it wasn't as large as endless cave.  Anyway, hopefully updates and transitions to android will happen an we can all start making levels again.
    In the meantime, I have been making a few Hoggy 2 levels.

    Thanks again for all your support.  You're the best!

  • I couldn't get into Hoggy, I don't like the accelerometer style playing. I didn't know you can create levels, same sort of add-on dealy? Since you're making levels, maybe I should check it out again!

    For the videos I make, I use a 4S still with iOS 6. For many new maps I'm using my 7 with iOS 10 and generally do not experience any issues. The only one that the game crashes when I search for a level that has a space in the name. Other than that smoothe sailing.
  • I get you the accelerometer thing.  I don't like that type of control either, but I believe Hoggy 2 defaults on a directional pad onscreen.  I'd love to hear what you think of my Hoggy levels.  They're a little tough...surprise ;)

  • lol, Hoggy "2" you said! That explains why I couldn't find any level makers in Hoggy 1 oh dear. Riiight, indeed Hoggy 2 uses the normal pad, that's great thanks for sharing, I would've not known about this at all!
  • You know, I'm running into this "Hoggy 1/Hoggy 2" thing a lot... I'm going to have to phase out Hoggy 1.
  • This is the wrong section and thread for Hoggy 2 but I just accidentally bought the add-on to remove ads and I am truly shocked it cost 5 quid!! How come this is so expensive? This is officially the most expensive game/app I've bought to date and I'm not even sure I like the game :(
  • I guess I have no choice but to start playing Hoggy 2 :))
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    Fomb, lol, I can only beat one of your levels! Oh deary me...

    So iow, great work! I need to get a little more seasoned in this game; I don't understand half of the tools/objects and the controls are a little tricky too.
  • Hi Fnanfne ! :) you know, 5$ in not so expensive. Take this exemple:

    create a game cost a lot of money ! One game on a console, (ds,3ds,wii,wii u, ps3/ps4, xbox,xbox360/one, etc) cost +/- 50$

    Now, you have here a real quality game. On the start, Hoggy is planned for cost 5$ on app store. But, today, people want all for free. People want quality game, funny, but not pay 1$ !

    For devs, it’s a little bit frustrating. So, for make money, now, devs have to put ads in games. For remove ads, it cost the original price (5$) It’s like an a demo the free game, and if you really love, you pay the 5$, and you have the complete and premium experience.

    Look Super mario Run ! Free in app store, and how much for the complete game ? 10$ ! And how much for the last « layton game » on ios ? 15$... Quality have a price. I really think 5$ is not a big amount for a game with this level of quality !

    And I am pretty sure you will love Hoggy 2, it’s really an exceptionnal game ;)
  • I would've loved to play Super Mario Run but unfortunately it requires a constant/active internet connection, like sooooo many other games.. massive duurp.

    tbh, I think £5 is a little steep. I don't mind paying £5 for a game I truly love (I'll pay £10 for RwK2!! (or Haphazard 2)) but Hoggy 2 just isn't doing anything for me yet (but hopefully it will, I have no choice!
  • Okay I'm really getting into it, I've done like 80 jars now and the £5 is not only to remove adds, it unlocked a bonus cave with loads of extra jars. The game is very in-depth with so many things at play, it's almost like a Rube Goldberg machine in some ways. You have great levels too rastapopoulon!
  • Thank you for the compliment :) BTW, maybe lost levels and more lost level from H1 will coming into H2 (not now, but « soon », after port will be ended)
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