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I'm having a couple of problems with a few of the Hoggy 2 levels I'm trying to make and I was hoping someone might point me in the right directions.
It seems on some of my levels the game things the boundary of the level is smaller than the level itself, leaving Hoggy and items beyond the boundary not visible when accessed.

I thought maybe that certain items might need to be in the outer parts to get it to realize there is stuff there?  Can't seem to figure it out.  They're not particularly large levels, so...I dunno.  If you play through my newest level "Secret Circuit" you'll see what I'm talking about.

Any ideas?


  • Yes ! i can anwser to you ! After more of 1000 hours playing with H2, I totally understand your issue !

    The thing, is because you don't have a camera trigger... (lvl 16) but you can cheating for have something like that:

    Place under Hoggy on level start a fruit, and place a fruit counter on a invisible place, and set it to 1 fruit, zone (choose a zone) And that's it ! ;)
  • But remember: Hoggy is more a game for small levels. Also, try to use other blocks for your level "jar edge block" is not good for the camera. The game don't know if it's a platform or no. Use others blocks..
  • Thank you for the feedback.  I updated the level and all is visible now.  I used the zone trigger and selected the entire level.  Seemed to work well.
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    Hey, I'm running into a few more problems making levels.  Here's the most recent one:

    I have placed two jars that cannot be removed or erased.  Some kind of glitch.  They can't be obliterated either using a fruit trigger.  It at first seemed to be a frustrating problem, but one I could work around by making an area that involved those jars, but....it's almost like the game things those jars are both there and not there.  Any same-colored jar I enter takes me to the faulty jars and if I enter the faulty jars (presumably to get back to the functional part of the level) the app crashes.  Totally crashes.

    This has happened before to me and it seems to make the level unplayable.  Any ideas for correcting this?
  • Second recent problem:

    The pink bubble.  On two separate levels the pink bubble takes me to a new location but somehow disables jumping.  I'm stuck to whatever surface I arrived on.  I thought I could work around that by placing a jar on the surface to enter, but entering jars is also disabled.  It seems on the levels/areas that this happens, it can't be erased or redone.

    Any ideas?
  • Third problem:

    Though this might just be more of a warning to level makers, but I think it should eventually be addressed in the game itself.
    I was working on a level, had done some work, left the level, came back, done more work, etc...
    During the last time I was working on the level my phone battery died.  When I charged and came back to the game the level was totally gone...as if it had never existed at all.

    Mostly just a warning to level makers, take your low battery seriously, but also a couple of questions:

    Is there any chance that this level can be recovered?
    Also, does the game not save levels periodically?  Or only temporarily until shared?  
    It seems to me that periodic auto-hard save should just happen.  Is that supposed to happen and this is just some odd glitch?

    Anyway, I really like Hoggy 2 and making levels, however I've already lost several hours of level making to levels that either won't work or no longer exist.  My inclination is to stop for a while until things seem a bit more solid.
  • hi ! we know about weird jar problems ! For the bubble it’s the normal behavior (not bug here) and for save level, esch time you click on button « back to mall », your level is automaticly saved .
  • I suppose that is what I'm trying to say,
    After clicking the button <back to mall>, several times over the course of a day, the level still disappeared when my phone died.

    As for the pink bubble, maybe I didn't explain clearly.  Hoggy gets in the bubble, the bubble takes him to a new location, once he is in the new location (after the bubble is long gone) Hoggy cannot jump or enter jars.  He is stuck to the surface the bubble leaves him on, permanently.  It doesn't happen often, but it has happened twice on levels I made.  I managed a work around, but it is still some glitch.
  • Unremovable stuff can be removed by using the area selection (long press), then erase.

    The bubble glitch can be seen as a feature: place the target above ground for free movement, on ground for the glue glitch.

    Thanks for the battery heads-up. Normally the editor does a good job at preserving stuff.

    One issue that hit me is that the first "undo" (even cancel at times) tends to revert to a much older version. Double undo does the trick, if you happen to detect the mis-undo.
  • Hum... Yeah I understand your bubble problem now.. We will check that fomb.
  • Thanks DMD, that is a good way to look at the bubble glitch, and we all know from RWK that glitches are where the magic happens.  I'll just use it instead of complain about it, ha ;)

    I'll try the long-press thing.  Thanks for the help.

    I haven't encountered the undo issue, but i'll look out for it.

    The phone dying is ultimately my fault as I should expect chaos to happen when the rug is pulled out from under any app, but hey, we've all had our toes over the edge of the precipice at time or two.
  • I'm going to push an update, probably Monday.  It'll fix the sticky bubble and a couple other things.
  • Sounds great!  Since the long-press works for deleting some of the stuck items, I think the most debilitating issue is when the camera won't follow hoggy.  Using the primary ground blocks helps, but it even happens when only using those.  It seems that once the game decides it won't follow hoggy there's not much that can be done.  Using the zone function can help, but only seems to change the area in which Hoggy can be seen, still leaving other areas in which he isn't visible. 
    Anyway, great game.  Fun making levels.
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