I'm really getting into Hoggy 2 (still suck at making levels though) and just wondering if anyone else feels that the controls are a little iffy?

I see there are a couple of options for the pad; buttons and what looks like a joystick. I prefer using the buttons. However, in 'button' mode, the keys seem to stick. This may just be something to get used to as I'm a RwK regular and have the feeling for those controls down. 'm sure seasoned Hoggy players would not want the existing pads to change but might it be possible to include another pad in a future update that will use buttons that don't stick?


  • Hey fnaf... that slider bar in Hoggy only LOOKS like a slider-- it's not really.

    You don't have to grab the thumbstick on it-- if you just tap it to the left or right, it'll immediately go in that direction.
  • Hi thanks for the reply.

    The joystick option is not optimum. I attached a screenshot below to better depict what I mean.


    The area inside the green rectangle is the active zone for the joystick. The area on the left side of the rectangle (indicated by the red cross mark) is not responsive, so if I tap there, nothing happens. The area on the right side (indicated by a green tick mark) does indeed work well. I have tried to customize the location and this seems to be mitigated when I move the joystick more to the right, almost in the middle of the screen.
  • I am using an iPhone 7 btw.

    This is not a problem on my 4s, 5s or even the 6.

  • I can't see that screenshot-- can you upload it to imgur or something and link to it?
  • I've had this issue with images on the forum.  If you right-click and open in new tab you can see it.

    I've also noticed this about the control in hoggy.  I kinda thought it was my phone, but I guess if others are having it, it might be the area of effect.  I'm on a Nexus 6.

    It only has been a problem a couple of times, but still...

    Hoggy 2 is great.  I'm really loving playing Hoggy again!
  • Hmmm, so Dropbox has stopped this kind of photo sharing and looks like Google Drive followed suit, bummer. Indeed, if you right-click on that broken image link and choose "open image in new tab" (Chrome) or "view image" (Firefox), you will be able to see/view the image.

    The unevenness of the joystick is very subtle but some Hoggy levels require precision movement in a very timely fashion so the controller sensitivity is imperative.

  • @fnanfne take your photo and share it on youtube like a video, and share youtube link here ;)
  • Or, better, share the picture on mp on official Raptisoft facebook page :)
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