Monday Screenshot 4/27: Under the Hood

So, the collision system I developed for Solomon Dark turned out to be poorly suited for Keep.  Dark worked as large open areas, whereas Keep is a collection of small rooms and narrow halls.  Severe problems started showing up when a lot of skeletons would squash together to chase through a narrow hallway, so this week I was forced to adopt a new collision system.

After a lot of coding and research, I eventually decided to use the Box2D library, with physics turned off.  Not only is it faster than the stuff I had written previous, but it'll allow me to throw in more interesting stuff, like pushable secret walls.

So this is just a screenshot of what Solomon's Keep looks like "under the hood."  The green circle is the player, the various other circles are the enemies.  I'm able to get quite a few things colliding at the same time with Box2D, all in all a very pleasing result.


  • interesting way to see it, would it ever cause the mobs to "get stuck" all pushing at the same time wedging themselves in? also, did you ever set up a spot for donations?
  • They can technically get stuck, but the AI notices if a monster is going nowhere and changes it to a new behavior to un-stick it.  Solomon's Boneyard has a donation button, but no I never set up a big donation button... I don't feel it's right without putting a game out!
  • do you get all of the donation from that? or does apple take a cut of it?  and as for the games, i know you said you dont want to give a deadline because you never make them, but can you give us a time that you know (barring miracles of course) it WONT be released by? for example, you say your currently obligated to another project, slowing you down, so you are obligated to them for 3 more months, and the game itself needs a good 2+ months of work before it would be released, so we know it will be 5+ months (instead of saying you will have the game out in XX/15 and missing the deadline) or would that bee too much like a deadline for you?
  • This is the best I'll commit to: You'll be able to play it somewhere between 3 months from now and 600 years from now. :)

    The game itself is moving forward quite quickly, but at some point it'll be time to add content and balance the monsters, etc... and that's when I'll have to be past my current commitments so that I can basically crunch on the computer 24/7.

    And no, apple gets a 30% cut from any iOS donations.  Tell you what tho, when I put up the Paladin playable demo, I'll set something up.  I admit it would be very good for morale here. :)

  • yea, im definitly not donating to that then, ill wait for all the donation to go to you, and as for the 3 months to 600 years, thats perfect for what i was looking for, thats 3 months that i wont be biting my nails and reloading the page every 10 mins to see if it was released lol. after that 3 months? well.. lets just say it wont be pretty..
  • Oh, well, I didn't know anyone was refreshing feverishly to see if it's released!  After the three months, I'll post a monthly "not this month" post, then, so nobody has to bite their nails!
  • lol thanks. im sure you have plenty of people to help you with testing and everything, but just in case you need one more im always willing to help :)
  • Thanks.  My plan is, when it's playable as a Paladin all the way through, I will release a beta here and try to Steam Greenlight it, while I finish the other classes.
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