Status: 9/19/2017

In this time of the 32-bit Graveyard, I know everyone wants to know what's happening, so I'll update more often until Keep and Boneyard are both out and clean...

1. Solomon's Keep is out for iOS11 now.  There's a couple glitches, and I will be doing another update immediately after Boneyard is out for iOS11.

2. Solomon's Boneyard is in progress right now, working very hard on it.  Hoping to have it out very soon.

3. Keep for Android is "done" except for a few last testing things... as soon as I finish Boneyard and can work on it, I would estimate it has less than a day's work before release.  This will happen soon because I will do it while Boneyard tests.

4. Android Boneyard should follow that very very shortly, since most of the platform bugs in Boneyard should be found via the Keep beta.


  • Nice, I've been patiently waiting for boneyard for months now. I appreciate the hard work man.
  • edited September 2017
    quick not btw, on the private testing subreddit, i left a note about a pretty major bug in keep (at least i thougt it was major lol)
  • I noticed Solomon's keep is available on the Apple app store and it shows the update. Now I patiently wait for the Android release!
  • thanks for the annoucement, Mr. Rapti :D
  • I know I said that I am patiently waiting for the Android release but it's SO hard! It's amazing how I've lived without it for years and I now I'm struggling to hold out just a few more days... I almost purchased a pink ipod touch for $150 today just to play slightly sooner but I stopped myself before I got to the register
  • Toki, I'm almost at the point at Boneyard where I give it to Rastapopoulon to do the initial breaking of it.  When I hand it off to him, I'm going to finish Keep Android.  I won't give a date for the obvious reasons, but barring disaster, it's soon-soon.
  • Yes ! soon soon ;)
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