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Okay, we all hate ads.  I hate that user's willingness to pay for games has gotten to the point where I have to interrupt my ARTWORK!!!! with ADVERTISEMENTS!!!! and you all hate looking at them.

I was considering a compromise... I don't know if this is crazy or not.  People who don't intend pay the "kill ads" price... would you be happier if you could at any time, watch a bunch of ads in advance, thus skipping them in the gameplay?  For instance, if I put in a zone where you could simply watch a bunch of ads, and then the game wouldn't serve you any during gameplay until your count had gotten back down, is that desirable, or would it make you despise me?


  • can you really make money that way? why would the ad makers allow that? if i could do that i would not have paid for half the ad removals i actually paid for on my phone. i would just watch a tv show while having my phone run ads next to me and not pay a whit of attention to any of it. then later i can play without ads? sounds dreamy.
  • Well, they have it set up so you can't just auto-play them... you'd have to click the X button, etc.  So you'd still be stuck seeing them, and the ad company gets what they want (some of them even force you to play them, as I understand).  But it does let you store them up so that you can have an uninterrupted game.
  • no i understand. i still dont believe it, because like i said, i would just watch a movie and keep my phone on next to me and hit a couple buttons every couple of minutes. do that for an hour or two and you can play for days uninterrupted sounds like a good deal

  • Okay.  It's something I think I'm gonna put in... I don't see that it would cause any issue with the ad companies, and it's better for my users, and I get paid.  Everyone wins!
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    honestly, if you put it in, i would market it to your players. by that i mean, have a little button in the corner that says "Hey, WANT TO PLAY WITHOUT ADS INTERRUPTING YOUR FLOW FOR FREE!?!?!?!" and make it look attractive. 

    then when someone taps it you can have the message display, instead of getting interrupted, you can store "ad credits" in your game, then not have to see ads as long as you have ad credits remaining!

    this way people will be like, hey thats a neat feature!

    or something like that. my point is to present it positively, because their first impression can probabaly go either way on this issue. if you frame is positively, it might avert a possible negative impression.
  • If you have to include ads, and I understand why you do, then watching ads in advance so they don't interrupt gameplay sounds like a good option.
  • Given my dislike for the F2P model, I'd almost always get rid of ads when given the chance, but if I didn't, I'd prefer to watch a bunch of them in advance, yes.
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    is NOT a good idea ! If people find a way for skip ads, you will lose money... And, also, this system requiere an internet connexion to work.. If you kill the game, what's happen ? if you restart a new game ? No, I think one ads by floor is already a good compromise !
  • I bet some people would like that option, but at the same time I think we all need to change our expectations that quality programming should be free.  I think we need to be willing to pay and support the work that goes into these games we obviously love.
    When I was younger we'd sometimes pay $40 for one of the newest NES games sometimes more ( it was something like $70 bucks for the first FF games where I lived).  Most of these games have a tenth of the gameplay in a decent phone app.  So a $4.99 price, big deal.  I'm all for a free version so we can decide if we want to play or not, but if you want something for free, ads are a small price to pay.

    I'm in a different field of work, but it is one where the public generally wants you to do work for them with no compensation whatsoever.  It totally get it.
  • If the game dev gets rewarded for showing an ad, the player should get some (in-game) reward too.
    Just played SK and had the idea to "wake up" with full mana, health, and skill refresh after being interrupted by an ad. Like if I just put the game aside for a minute. So after stealing 10 s of my life the ad rewards me with sparing me 30 s.
  • DMD, that kinda kills it as a "game" though... it becomes one of those mobile carnival machines that just seeks to milk the user for as much revenue as it can.  Now, I might be wrong, and it MIGHT be that this is the era we are in now, but I'll hold off just a little bit longer.

  • But you already get rewarded for watching ads. Namely, by being able to play the game for free.

    That's the whole point of the F2P model. You get to play games without paying, but in exchange, you have to deal with ads or microtransactions. I personally prefer paying for games upfront so I don't have to deal with either, but I can accept them as the price for an otherwise free game.
  • i think that this is a great idea for those who dont want to pay the "kill the ads" price...i mean the users can decide wether to watch ads during gameplay or in advance
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