Status 9/20/2017

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Today's update...

Boneyard is now "ported" to the new codebase.  It needs to be sized for the larger screens, and there will be lots of rough corners to sand off to make it compatible with all the new systems, but barring disasters, it will not be long.

After initial release, everything will get a quick update to fix anything that shows up in the meantime.

Hoggy Fans: Hoggy will get a pretty decently sized update soon.  I am going to take a brief break after Boneyard is done to recharge the batteries, and then I'll put out and update that fixes a lot of things and makes Makermall more fun and functional. 

Still contemplating what to do on RwK, whether to port the old version or just make the new one.  Am also looking into porting Hamsterball to mobile, and doing Chuzzle 2.  My goal is to get SOMETHING else done this year, and reserve 2018 fully for SKHD without having this little nagging voice in the back of my head reminding me of all the little short things I could do.


  • Thanks for The update :D
    Android Android Android
  • Nice !!!!! Thank you for the update. :-))
  • Another issue here: i just completed wizard level with no potion penalty and yet feat says i have no completed any feat including no potion and wizard level.
  • @peppermaster: We know this issue ! This issue will be patched in future
  • Are you talking about Hoggy 1 or 2? As far as I know, the first one has no Maker Mall.
  • Hoggy 2... Hoggy 1 is being phased out, but get this, Rastapopoulon is currently on a project to move all the Hoggy 1 levels, including the Lost Levels, into Hoggy 2 as a secondary gameplay mode.
  • That's cool. I played some of his recreations already. That said, you can't recreate Hoggy 1 quite perfectly in Hoggy 2. To my knowledge, the editor doesn't support hubs or boss levels. And even if you gave Rastapopoulon the means to recreate those, there's also the issue that Hoggy 1 allowed you to move at a variable speed. I recall reading that some of the old levels had to be altered somewhat in order to be playable at Hoggy 2's fixed movement speed.
  • Yep... but Rasta is tenacious, he tweaks them nicely.  He is getting the tools to make a world + boss (and one day, I might expand the editor to allow it as well-- but that's a fairly big change)
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