Status 9/22/2017

Boring update, but I promised every day until everything is ported...

Boneyard proceeding.  PROBABLY maybe possibly some chance that it will go into phase 0  testing late today, and I will finish up Android Keep (as well as an iOS update for Keep).


  • Thanks for the hard work and the continued commitment to keep us informed. As a developer I feel you go beyond even what most big developers are willing to do. Daily updates and quick response to questions are not very commonplace in this particular industry.
  • Yeah, really appreciate how communicative you are as well. Part of why I hate the AAA industry is due to its near-complete ignorance of fan feedback, so I love seeing developers be so open about what they're doing.
  • Well, sadly, I haven't been as communicative as I should have been, while working at Cubic Castles.  But that's over now!
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