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with the way everything is going in the screenshots and the messages, im slightly confused, is the game your currently working on SK deluxe? or were you making an entirely new game?  from what was said after solomon dark being canceled i thought you were making something different.

are you redoing SK now and another game will be in the works after that? or is the remake of SK going to be substantial enough (from what we've heard it will be) to basically call SK deluxe a new game?


  • Yes, it's a rewrite of Keep (I always felt Keep was unfinished because it had to work on an iPhone 1-- which was a slow device with incredibly limited memory).  I'm not sure at this point if I'm going to release it (on iOS) as an entirely new game, or simply as an update for anyone who already has the iOS version of Keep.  That will depend on whether I'm going to monetize it the same way or (and I hope to do this) simply charge a straight fee for it and lose all that free-2-play pay-2-win crap that has infested the gaming industry in the last 5 years.

    It's a *greatly expanded* Keep.  After that, I hope to do something a little lighter (I have to swing my moods or else the whole machine breaks), and then return to the Solomon series for Son of Solomon.

  • sounds great, and i definitly agree with the free to play pay to win bs, but sadly people buy into all those micro transactions and keep the trend going.. 

    as far as how you should do it, i personally think you should do it as an entirely new game, i have no programming background at all so i may be entirely false lol, but i assume it would be easier to just use the new code then to try and plug it into the old code.. it would also help in terms of marketing i would think, because people may have seen SK a while ago and liked it, but never followed the forums or anything and never realize an update (with a paid expansion i assume) is there, with a brand new title popping up in the app store they might be more apt to purchase it

    what exactly were you going to name it as a "new" game anyway? i dont think SK deluxe would pull too much because people might think its just better graphics, or extra small frills, not a major content upgrade, but you cant call it SK 2 because its not a sequel, so maybe SK the untold story? or did you have something else in mind?
  • See, that's the problem-- the name.  I want the name to be "Solomon's Keep."  But oh well, I worry about this kind of thing as it comes.  I have to play it all by ear, because for all I know another lawyer is going to come riding out of the sunset and inform me that "character who explores a dungeon" was patented by his client in 2008.
  • yea.. hopefully we dont have to deal with something like that again... id rather be 100% (ok, 99.5%) in the dark about game details as long as it ment you wouldnt need to worry about trolls, just as long as you pop back in every now n then to say your still working on it
  • That's why I'm doing it this way... the reason I got landed on last time was because I had done enough youtube videos that even non-fans were encountering them.  This is about to cause me some trouble in my upcoming Monday screenshots because it's time to just sit down and do the whole user interface system, and I'll have basically nothing new to show because I ain' gonna show it. :)
  • was it some graphic from the solomon dark ui that the patent troll was trying to use? is that why your so secretive about this ui? or do you just want it to be a complete surprise to us? :P
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    There was a patent troll about the UI im pretty sure. 
    Like the design of it I think
  • "Two thumbs on screen... hey, that's my patented idea."

    Long story, I don't like to discuss it, it's painful... Solomon Dark was almost *done*
  • That is disgusting
  • so he owns every 2 thumb game out there? riiiight...  i dont suppose your able to tell us this persons name? (or even where we could go to look up said persons name if theres like a record of court procedings)

    im sure we could have some fun with the community sending troll related items or a stream of unhappy letters for the year and a half that he delayed the game lol..
  • It was a nuisance lawsuit-- the tactic is to find someone, and bother them legally long enough so that they settle.  It was never intended to win.  I'm not done with him yet-- it's my intention to publicize it after it's all done.
  • yea i understand how the patent troll thing goes, but ok, was just hoping to make his life hell since he made all our lives hell :(
  • It's still not over even though you discontinued Solomon Dark? He is going after boneyard and keep too?

    Thats stupid
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    i dont think its exactly him still going after other games (altho that might be it) but more of the legal repercussions of the court costs and such, and if thats the case i would see if you can pursue him for lost revenue from tanking the game, even if its an insubstantial amount that you can counter sue for, or if you get anything even if its a small amount, its atleast another demoralizing blow to the troll 

     (that is ofcourse if you think its worth it, if you would rather just wash your hands and be done with it thats fully understandable aswell)

  • >>It's still not over even though you discontinued Solomon Dark? He is going after boneyard and keep too?

    No, I'm trying to see that this kind of legal practice comes at a cost to the false accuser.
  • im glad to hear it, if more people stood up to, and fought against this then just settling it, this never would have happened in the first place :(
  • Yeah that's good. There definitely should be, maybe you could at least counter-sue for the court costs and lawyer fees and such. 
  • Yea, after playing the SD beta and getting hyped about it that Patent troll thing was just insanely annoying.
  • im jealous.... wish i coulda played the beta ( T~T )
  • Is that you DarkNecros? I messaged you on youtube that this was back, you never answered haha
  • Wow, so shiny and new, never was too active in community/forum, but it is nice to see it is much like the old man in the plague town in "Holy Grail", hope to see more exciting things in future.
  • " I feel happy. I feel happy."

  • @XLG Yea its me. I rotate Dark and Omega as my username and didnt remember which i used here.
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