Other games like RWK?

Anyone play any games similar to RWK? I haven’t found anything nearly as good, suggestions?


  • I'd like to hear this too, so I can look at them.  There might be features I'd want to include in a sequel.

    But I guess metroidvania's are a pretty established line.
  • It is very difficult to find any games similar to RWK because most metroidvania games have more complex in story and system. If we just look at the metroidvania side of RWK, I suggest Megaman ZX series, Cave Story(this one is free), and Hollow Knight. 

  • Not sure how widely known this is, but Raptisoft's RWK is actually a remake of a flash game of the same name that had three sequels found on the same site. I guess these four games could qualify as games similar to this RWK.
  • I should have specified iOS games
  • Are there any "bite-sized" metroidvania games out there, though, besides RwK?

    (BTW, Cave Story, anyone who hasn't played it, play it now!)
  • kyleseglin way before I played and fell in love with RwK, I enjoyed a game called Archibald's Adventures. Alas no level maker so once you finish the game that's about it but definitely worth a play.
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