Other games like RWK?

Anyone play any games similar to RWK? I haven’t found anything nearly as good, suggestions?


  • I'd like to hear this too, so I can look at them.  There might be features I'd want to include in a sequel.

    But I guess metroidvania's are a pretty established line.
  • It is very difficult to find any games similar to RWK because most metroidvania games have more complex in story and system. If we just look at the metroidvania side of RWK, I suggest Megaman ZX series, Cave Story(this one is free), and Hollow Knight. 

  • Not sure how widely known this is, but Raptisoft's RWK is actually a remake of a flash game of the same name that had three sequels found on the same site. I guess these four games could qualify as games similar to this RWK.
  • I should have specified iOS games
  • Are there any "bite-sized" metroidvania games out there, though, besides RwK?

    (BTW, Cave Story, anyone who hasn't played it, play it now!)
  • kyleseglin way before I played and fell in love with RwK, I enjoyed a game called Archibald's Adventures. Alas no level maker so once you finish the game that's about it but definitely worth a play.
  • I see a remake of Cave Story is on Steam, do you think it's doing the original any honour? Does anyone remember Snow Bros? It was an arcade game in the 90s, it took me such a long time to rediscover this as I forgot the name of it but finally managed to get my hands on the game and I'm enjoying the nostalgia!

    Another game I just got on Steam called Cuphead. It's a difficult game, very challenging, I'm waiting for a controller I ordered in the hope that'll make game play easier. Just out of curiosity, I checked if Cuphead is available on iOS and it was briefly, albeit as a fake so don't download this if still available to you on the App store.
  • @fnanfne

    It is pretty much a same thing except the cave story plus has better graphic, curly mode, wind fortress, and boss rush.

    I really love both snow bros 1 & 2(except the character portrait in American version of snow bros 2. They are my childhood nightmare)

    I have to admit that in cuphead, bosses are way more easier than run and gun stuff.
  • The simple answer is no.
    Things that even remotely fit into the same category that done to mind are: archibald's adventures, traps n gemstones, crystal cave, cave story, robbery bob 1&2.
    I'm still running IOS 10 for one app. RWK.
    From what I'm reading about IOS 11, that might be an advantage :)
  • RWK, Costume Quest, and a couple games by Nimblebit are keeping me on iOS 10.

    Tried Hoggy 2 the other day. I love being able to push buttons to go left and right. One of he things that turned me off about the first was the phone tilting for control. After trying a couple levels in 2 I tried the first one again. I might give it a good go and see how long I can tolerate the tilt controls. If I can deal it might be another one making me hold off on the iOS Update, at least for a little bit.

    Speaking of, does anyone else have an issue when you release the movement button your character keeps moving in that direction in Hoggy 2? I've had aimiliar things in boneyard, but usually it's if I exit a menu while holding a direction or something. It will keep going in that direction or casting magic, whatever you happened to be doing. Usually stops if you open a menu and exit it. I can't remember if that is what caused it exactly, but I think that was the conclusion I came to when I thought about it.
  • @OzBoy your pain will end soon, I promise!  RwK IS coming out for iOS11+Android, it's just taking me far longer than I expected because I'm moving it over to the same level sharing system as Hoggy 2, for the new features (like comments, karma, etc).
  • Thanks John,

    There's no pain :). I love the new features you're talking about.

    Navigating the list of levels was very primitive (eg. A phone call would lose your position in the list of levels). When you're playing the 400th best level, that's 80 swipes to return to the same place in the list :)

    John, I wish you and your family a great Christmas. Your games bring us all a lot of joy!
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