Status 9/25/2017

Okay, today's status: Boneyard is ported and is testing.  I'll be getting back to Android Keep while Rasta digs out the initial bugs in Boneyard.  Barring disasters, Boneyard for iOS and Keep for Android should be out soon.


  • I finally understand why nobody was able to port these games!
  • I think I speak for everyone when I say that we greatly appreciate you taking the time to port them yourself! You are the best of the best. Looking forward to playing Keep on android after 8 years!
  • Mr. Rapti, why no one able to port? :)
  • @foxcheng1123
    It was on a 32 bit platform and updating to 64 bits can be difficult. Plus I know there were some things that Raptisoft had hard coded (such as screen size) which needed to be redone to fit modern phones and multiple aspect ratios. I'm sure there's more to it Raptisoft could give you more details but that's the general idea. Just tons of work.
  • Thanks for the reply,T0KIWARTOOTH :D
  • Toki has it about right... I also found it necessary to unbundle and rebundle the graphics to make it all work too.  Either way, it's all done done now except for the tweaking.
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