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Okay, Android Keep is getting very close now... I am just chasing down one beta tester whose game crashes as soon as he hits play, and I'm also having a problem with the in-app purchases with Google (for those that aren't programmers, for whatever reason, in-app purchases on these mobile systems are a ridiculous, rickety setup where sometimes they don't work because of something you did, and sometimes they don't work just because something screwy is going on at Google or Apple's end, and you can never tell which).

So as soon as those two issues are solved, I'm going to launch Android Keep and deal with anything that shows up in updates.

Boneyard is "testing good" so far and I'm going to spend the next couple days "modernizing" the perk/metagame system and seeing whether I can get a few Dark features into it that would never be seen otherwise.  Android testers, please be ready in the next few days for Boneyard.

Still currently leaning toward porting RwK.  My hope at the moment is to get it modernized into level sharing similar to Hoggy 2, with a button that allows people to access the old stuff.  This is not a PROMISE, this is just what I hope to accomplish.

BTW, is there anyone out there who cares whether Mahjongg Blitz, 4-Letter Words or any other legacy games get ported or not?  Those games made like zero money, but with ads instead they might make a few bucks a day, which might be worth it for a quick port.


  • Sure, we will Buy anything that publish from you, Mr. Raptis :D
  • I'd be interested in them. Same with Get Lucky and Boonka Snap, though those of course depend on whether or not you can find their source code.
  • mahjongg blitz looks cool from the video. a google search and your web page reveals ZERO information about 4 letter words and i dont have ios so i cant comment on that.
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    i know we wont see the potions and charms in boneyard because its a whole new feature of dark that cant be easily added in to boneyard, but can we get them in SKHD? its like my favorite thing in dark, different combinations of potions and charms can dramatically alter the type of game you are playing, its so epic.

    imho adds 8000% replay value to a game that already has it in spades.

    one more thing :)

    please make it if possible for boneyard, keep, and SKHD in the future, that casting a secondary skill does not cancel your cast of the primary skill. this makes a HUGE difference in sticky situations if you are running a build with lots of frost jet hardening or lightning hurricane. a few moments of downtime on those can make a massive difference. i died in dark & keep multiple times because a swarm of monsters was mobbing me and my hurricane was keeping them at bay and pumping out the damage when my arcane shield popped. in the moments between recasting shield and getting my hurricane back up i was rushed by monsters and died.
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    Yes... basically the whole setup with the witch is going into SKHD.  I really like it.  But I'm moving some of it into Boneyard too, because I really like it. 

    >>please make it if possible for boneyard, keep, and SKHD in the future,
    that casting a secondary skill does not cancel your cast of the primary

    Hm... that's KINDA supposed to be part of the point and tradeoff of something like harden/hurricane.  I mean, what kind of mage can maintain a two handed steady stream lightning bolt while also doing the complicated thumb-to-nose-raised-pinky guesture that calls up magic circle???
  • For those curious about Four Letter Words, here's the only video footage I could find of it.
  • looks pretty cool id play it
  • Ha, that's not mine. :)
  • Here's 4 Letter Words for Windows, for anyone who wanted to take a look at it.  Just a little experimental word game-- I had never done a word game before, so I felt I should give it a try at least once:

  • i want hoggy 1 pc mobile style plz
  • Sure, here's Hoggy 1 for PC:

    Note, I will provide ZERO tech support for that.  Arrows to move, space bar to jump, I think.  There's little graphical glitches on PC and various places where you have to use the mouse because there's no keyboard shortcut, but it's the whole game.
  • Whoops. Looks like I found another abandonware iOS game with nearly the same name, then. Perhaps part of the reason the game flopped is because there are so many apps with similar names.

    Also, thanks a lot for uploading these two PC versions. I guess having 4 Letter Words' PC version available doesn't really hurt the potential income of a port to iOS11 and Android, seeing how most mobile gamers aren't really into PCs. Are there any other PC versions of your mobile games you'd be willing to release? For instance, I heard Hoggy Lite has some exclusive content.

    4 Letter Words seems like an okay word game, albeit a very minimalist one. Its reaction towards "dirty words" was amusing to see, though.

    Hoggy didn't work on my Windows 10 PC, but an older one with Windows 7 could handle it. Got two questions about it, though.

    First, is it normal that I can see the edges of many tiles? I know you said this version had little graphical glitches, but that goes beyond what I'd call little. Still perfectly acceptable for a debug build that was never meant to be publicly released, of course.

    Second, is there any way to adjust Hoggy's movement speed? I don't think all levels are playable with a fixed movement speed, are they?
  • Nevermind, just managed to beat the entire first set of levels. Looks like Hoggy's freely adjustable speed in the mobile versions is just a gimmick to make the tilt controls feel more natural.

    Really appreciate seeing this game preserved.
  • That "space between the tiles" thing didn't happen on the OS I developed it on (Vista).  It's some artifact of newer versions of DirectX or something.
  • Ah, okay. I guess some compatibility issues are to be expected from internal debug builds.
  • I played mahjong blitz a little bit, was pretty fun.

    Is there anyway to make the magic backpack in SB permanent and not a perk we have to set in one of our limited 4 perks slots. That's the one thing that bummed me out completely when I bought that.
  • Okay, I finally finished Hoggy's PC version. Some parts were better than others, but overall it was pretty fun. Thanks again for uploading it. Looking forward to its eventual inclusion in the sequel.

    However, I heard the game's old demo, Hoggy Lite, had a different set of levels. Since it's no longer available now that the full game is F2P, there's no longer any way to get it even with an iDevice.

    Does it also have a PC build? If so, could you upload it as well? I'd really appreciate it.
  • Yes, Hoggy Lite had a PC build... but at the same time that I lost the Get Lucky source code, I also lost the Hoggy Lite stuff.  It's completely vanished.  Otherwise, I'd have loved to throw the levels in.
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    Damn. Do you not even have the assets anymore? Otherwise, you could just insert them into the full game, couldn't you?

    Edit: If you really lost absolutely everything, then couldn't you extract the assets from the game's IPA? It's possible someone still has a copy and could jailbreak their phone and upload it.
  • If anyone knows how to unbundle an IPA, and has the IPA, yeah, they should just be sitting there.
  • Okay, I just made a topic to see if anyone here still has the game.

    If this yields no results, I will extend my search later, though testing Boneyard obviously takes precedence for now.
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