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  • Too bad we can’t actually play the game anymore
  • Really? I'm playing on my iPhone 7 running iOS 10.3.3 and doing the recordings on my prized iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.3. All works okay, apart from a few minor annoyances on the 7.

    I see the game is still on the App Store, hope it stays there for if I ever need to do a restore or something!
  • Do you have tried my 13 levels in Rwk ?

    Name is simple:

    Level 1, level 2.. etc
  • @kyleseglin This game will be port for 64 bits device, don't worry ;)
  • Yes rastapopoulon you kidding? Lo! You're a RwK Legend and unlike your Hoggy levels (some are tricky), I've finished all your RwK ones multiple times. Think I played your level 6 (?) way before I even bought the Kitty Connect add-on!
  • RwK port is not a "promise" but I am going to attempt it, which is a change from my earlier decision to let it just die off.
  • I updated to iOS 11 unfortunately, so no, it’s nkt playable anymore fnanfne. I set up an old 4s solely for this purpose, but for some reason all of a sudden rwk got so unbelievably slow on that device that it’s unplayable. I’ve tried countless other games but it seems that rwk is the only game I enjoy haha
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