Status 9/29/2017

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Solomon's Keep Android is "done" and will launch as soon as I'm satisfied that I've crossed every i and dotted every t.  Maybe today, maybe this weekend.  I also might open-beta it here just to get a last wave of checks in.

Note to android users: There have been a lot of device-specific problems, and I expect more, since Android is such an open system.  If you have problems with your device, please let me know via 

One caveat: On at least one device, Zenphone 2, it crashes as soon as you try to play.  I haven't been able to determine the cause with the beta tester, so I have a Zenphone ordered and will update with a fix as soon as it comes.  But I don't want to delay the launch while I wait for this phone to arrive from eBay, so I'll put a warning in the game description.

iOS players, you will also get an update, though it has to go through Apple's approval.  It fixes a few glitches that showed up in the port, but there's no significant changes.

* * *

As for next things, beta testers, I will provide info about upcoming Boneyard tests on the test page in a couple days.  I'm putting a few minor new things into Boneyard, so it won't be IMMEDIATE, but it'll be soon.  iOS people can expect Boneyard a little early, probably on [date redacted to prevent mandela effect].


  • OMGGG! I'm downloading Solomon's Keep from play store, it is like a dream!!! thank you very much!
  • I'm also downloading the early access from the playstore. I don't expect my phone to have too much trouble since it's running a pretty much unadulterated version of Android but we'll see!
  • Can we still sign up to be testers for Boneyard?
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