Solomon's Keep - Open Beta

Okay, the closed beta is finished.  This is the open beta.  Click this link and you should be able to download Solomon's Keep for Android:

(If it tells you it's not available yet, it can take time to propagate through Google's servers).

Most significant note: If a bug exists in the original iOS game, it will not be fixed-- this is a port, not an update.  Any gameplay/balance/etc issues will be taken care of in SKHD.

What I'm looking for here is phones that give graphical glitches, random crashes, things like that.

Please report bugs on this thread so that I have them all in one place, thanks!



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    Rapt, the ads should be working in this version?

    I mean, should it still be showing only the "demo" ad?
  • If this version is identical with the last closed build, then definitely not. There were no real ads in that one.
  • i signed up :D
  • You're not allowed to show "real" ads before release, or you could get pulled.

    You still get the gold, though.  If things appear okay, then it's just a matter of changing one line to enable the ads.

  • Idk if it's suppose to be like but for galaxy s7 edge when you watch a ad for gold and click the button then let go it clicks itself twice
  • So after 2 bosses i finaly stopped. Game runs excellent in my Oneplus 3. Thank you Raptisoft for this . 
  • Rapt I would suggest you to post the Playstore link in the /r/playMyGame

    So we can get more people as the objective is to find compatibility issues with as many people we can.
  • I know you want to hear about bugs but,I've experienced no bugs or glitches up to

    My device is a ZTE midnight $30 phone surprised it runs well.

    My items are there after death and game close,game resumes properly.

    I haven't noticed slowdown when lots of monsters are on screen.

    When fighting the hammer boss he hit me up the stairs and disappeared until I went upstairs and came back.

    Thank you so much for the port,I've had to bug my little brother for years to play boneyard on his a first time keep player and I love it.i will definitely donate to the cause thanks so much.
  • Well, actually, I think I'm about ready to go ahead and make it live... remember, the game ITSELF has been okay for years now, and what the new test is about is about the port.  PLUS, it's Android, so I can update super fast and not have to go through the Apple review process.

    Yes, I think it's time to go ahead and bite the bullet.  Here we go!
  • I've only seen one bug so far. I bought ad free which went through. Then I went to buy gold and after the Google prompt I had to close my phone. when I brought my phone back up the Google prompt had an error and now the game crashes anytime I hit the buy gold button. I did get charged for the first time but it never actually went to my character.
  • Utsog, if you uninstall/reinstall, does it work?  (Buy ads will persist across installs, the google store takes care of that).
  • I've combined the fire ball with magic missiles but the ether charge that I already had in't working anymore. (ether charged didn't exist five years ago so I don't know if it is supposed to be like this)

    other question, I found a staff that gives +2 to all skills (BEST STAFF EVER) after combining, if I recombine the two all the +2 will be included?
  • +2 to all skills is actually not the best staff ever, I've found one which gave +3 to all skills. To answer your question, though, as far as I know, yes.
  • The spell welding doesn't allow the use of the peak-level stuff like Hurricane, Ether Blast, etc... those are like a "super specialized" skill in a single skill type, and you can't weld to, say, get hurricane + ether blast.
  • Yea. Uninstalling\reinstalling does not fix the crash.
  • utsog231, we'll continue in PM if you please.  I will need to update to address an issue with Zenphone 2 (I have one on the way, but it might not be here until Friday), so an update is definitely happening, but I might need to send you apks to narrow down the issue. 
  • What happiness to bribe destiny? I see that it is pick a skill now but I can't get in to it.
  • You have to enable it from the options menu before you can use it. Also, it now costs gold rather than real money.

    You really shouldn't use it at all, though. The main appeal of the game lies in having to improvise based on the options it gives you.
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