Solomon's Challenge I: Melee Mage

I've been fiddling around with Dark editor a bit and I was having trouble making map because the editor was sort of incomplete and I am not good at coding.
While I was messing with one of the randomly generated maps, I have realized that I can make a map that acts like a normal survival map except with ridiculous skill setup such as melee only mode. It isn't much of a well crafted map or something but at least it sort of act like a decent challenge mode. If people like this challenge, I'll try to make more unique and ridiculous challenges later.

This challenge's topic is melee mage. Basically, you will not be able to learn or upgrade any sort of primary spells (except the first one you start with) and will be force to use melee to kill enemies. Secondary spells, on the other hand, are allowed because some enemies cannot be killed by melee (f@#$ing spiders). To compensate this massive penalty, you will be having some resistance, movement speed buff, and various helpful secondary spells. Use your staff skill and secondary spells to defeat the hoard of undeads and kill the discorporeal to win the challenge!

How to play

2.Open your SolomonDark folder

3.Go to sandbox->DarkCloud->mylevels

4.Put the downloaded file to that folder

5. Open Solomon Dark

6. Go to explore dark cloud and open the solomon's challenge I(press edit)

7.Click Boneyard settings (sqaure icon with lines) , expand test setting, then change test element and discipline to Earth element and Body discipline. Do not change other settings unless you are a cheater.

8. Click flask button to start.

9. Before confronting Solomon, wear hood, staff, and robe in your inventory. (rings and amulet are for mid-late game)

10. Survive until you defeat the discorporeal!

If you have questions, concerns(about spiders), or even recording of your run, please feel free to post it on the comment section.


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    Here is my try for this challenge:

    Too bad the game crashed at the end... ... :(

    Reminder: My version of Solomon Dark has some adjustment with spell that I have done several months ago. 

  • does this restart the game i am currently in? will i have all the items i farmed? never done anything like this and i am in the middle of a good game right now so i will wait until after unless dark cloud levels are seperate anyways
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    Technically, you are not "playing" this map. You are "testing" it. The game does not allow us to "play" maps.
    It will not restart your game nor affect your account in any way. 
    Also, you cannot benefit from all the items and perks you previously had because you are only testing it with Test Wizard. (Of course you will have all the items you will need from the beginning.)
    Any progress you made during your challenge run will never save when you exit.

    I wish the the dark cloud thing is more complete but that is all we have for now. :(

  • Also, if a boss drops an item, please do not use it. It may ruin the challenge.
  • whenever i click on flask game freeze and i have to restart what am i doing wrong :(

  • ok i just made a fresh copy of dark in a new folder and now it works. i thought i was doing well but i have a few questions:

    1. does insight ever trigger? i kept my concentration on creativity but never got an insight proc
    2. is mana capacity set at 300? i got some levels of mana up but did not see any change. are those points wasted? u gotta let me know this lol. 
    3. is it worth getting mana regen or meditation?

    4. should i be exclusively focusing on body stuff and secondary skills?
    5. also i never got any level up options for fire ring, regen hp, or leviathan. is that on purpose? because i did get for golem.

    my first few tries have been fun so far! i never realised how fast you die in this game lol. melee mage is hard.
  • omg. ok i did great on my last run. made it all the way to the poison mage wave. then poison mages RAPED me.

    how to survive poison mages lol
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    1. well I guess RNG really hates you a lot.
    2. I normally put mana up only once and I get 350 mana (because I buffed mana up in my version of this game). I should try more and see.
    3. mana regen or meditation... you are not really suppose to get it. I even lowered the mana regen just because to make secondary spells to feel like ultimates.
    4. Well that is what you got in this challenge
    5. Don't worry about Regeneration. Even if you level up Regeneration, the healing amount stays the same. For the other two, you are allowed to get them and I did get some leviathan in one of my run. Its just another thing with RNG.

    how do you survive poison mages: more health + deflect(it has chance to dodge poison damage per tick. making ridiculous sound as a result) + hit and run (you can check the video I posted to see how I dealt with poison)
  • hey tried this a couple more times did bad :(

    think im gonna try a different strat and max golem asap.

    btw can u add iron golem into this challenge? because idk he seems underpowered without it
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    Oh god I thought I put ring that had iron golem in the challenge.
    I will fix that and also do some adjustment right now.
    Also, I'll upload my own version of solomon because it has some adjustment that will make this challenge much easier.
  • ok downloading gonna try it now.
  • ok, made it pretty far this time. might record next time.

    hey can you make one more modification? i tried the editor its honestly beyond me. can you somehow get into the game the perk that allows to concentrate on two skills? i think this would make this challenge way more fun. if you think that would be too easy then forget it lol
  • I'll try to find a way to allow two concentrate perk but i doubt there is anyway to apply perks in those custom maps because there is no way to go to the college in test runs. If there is a way to run a map normally, you would be able to do that.


    taking a break for now ehhhhhhhhhhhh
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