Solomon's Keep official now on Android

Keep is now officially released on Android.  Depending on your location, it might not be in your app store for a few hours.  Enjoy, and spread the word, please!

iOS people: A Keep update is waiting on approval.  So maybe Tues or Wednesday.


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    When the official release is out, it shouldn't say beta anymore? That's the only thing I'm still seeing.

    Edit: Ok, I could buy 'Kill the ads' and ads for gold are of real games too so I guess it's just removing the beta status.
  • The Google Play Store is really weird about the updating... I actually spent almost a whole day of testing just figuring out that it takes the store forever to change status, or make the in-apps live, etc.
  • I have spread the word on FB, telling everyone to go grab it! :-) I can't thank you enough! :-D
  • No, thank YOU!  I never get much attention on Google for whatever reason.
  • Just made a post on Reddit Android Gaming.
    (Actually made it when open beta released)

    Already have 100+ upvotes and almost 2k views!

    Seems like a lot of people missed this game as much as me :D
  • Thanks dgsantos...

    Hm, people asking about controllers...

    Years ago I ported to a few different controllers, but back then there were like 500 companies each putting out their own stuff and they are all gone now... is there some controller everyone uses now?  I don't want to go through the same thing as last time.
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