Status 10/1/17

Just tweaking the perk system in Boneyard... tweak, beta, release.


  • Just a heads up that there's a bug with how Solomon's Keep calculates/displays mana cost. At least for me.

    I have:
    fireball 3, 2 levels of which I bought from the guy outside

    Battle mage 1
    Embers 1 from my staff

    Frost jet 1
    Cone of ice 1
    Magic circle 2
    Chill wind 1
    Channel mana 1
    Rush 1

    And a mana cost for fireball of 935. Somehow able to cast 11 fireballs before getting out of mana(without magic circle)
  • I'll check into it... I have to do an ASAP update to Keep anyway because of an issue with Zenphones, so I will try to fold all issues into it (note, if I discover this problem goes all the way back to the launch of Keep iOS, I won't fix it, I'm only fixing "port" bugs, and glitches/game balance issues will be dealt with in SKHD)
  • Flash freeze is also not working correctly, I click it multiple times and nothing happens, but occasionally it will go off, it is as if it has a very small percise area you must click (in the 1st 2nd ability slot), much more so than other abilities though the magic shield is the only other ability I've gotten and it worked fine.
  • StillJustMe, do you have a screenshot?  I'd want to see which slot flash freeze is occupying.
  • I reported this bug through the android feedback system but I may as well mention it here too.

    I can't give you my money. I bought gold once and it worked fine. Then I tried to do it again and the app crashed. It always crashes when I try to do it, no matter what I do.
  • Chad, you are the second person who is reporting this.  I'm looking into it, hopefully updating soon.
  • Also, Chad, the crash itself is happening within the Google play store code (which means I don't have a lot of control)... I see other reports of this on the web, could you see if the process listed here ( helps any?
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