Status 10/4/17

Unchanged!  Still tweaking the perks in Solomon's Boneyard, but hoping it goes into pre-beta today.

In other news, the Solomon's Keep iOS update got rejected because of a small error so I will be resubmitting that, but not until I do another fixing pass for a few other things, hopefully this weekend.

So still looking at this schedule:

1. Get Boneyard into Beta
2. Get SK updated
3. Get Boneyard Out
4. Get RwK ported
5. Get Hoggy updated

And then I'll see!


  • You mean Hoggy 2, right?
  • ohhh that looks like a yummy plate lol
  • Yeah, I know I keep saying Hoggy, but as far as I'm concerned Hoggy 2 is the only Hoggy now. :)
  • So it's like Solomon's Keep in that you had to simplify Hoggy 1 to make it work on ancient iPhones and consider Hoggy 2 the full realization of your original vision?
  • Well, no, I liked Hoggy 1... but I wanted an editor in there badly.  Hoggy 1 is going to be put into Hoggy 2 as an option to play, when you play a new game.  I just don't want to support the old code base any more.
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