Status 10/5/17

Proceeding with the tarting up of Solomon's Boneyard.

If you visit the Raptisoft facebook page, there's a screenshot there.

Here's another screenshot exclusive to the forums.  As you can see, I'm trying to bring some of the nicer stuff from Dark into Boneyard.  And for those that complain about Magic Inventory costing a perk slot, it no longer does-- but you do have to pay the scavenger to look at his goods.



  • Hype-hype-hype
  • plz tell me you put spider in this game
  • I haven't added any new monsters yet... that's going to be a factor of time.  Adjusting the magic inventory and perks to work like Dark has been occupying all my time.
  • 'clapping hands' :D
  • edited October 2017
    As long as there will be spiders in the end, I'm good >:)
  • Noted!  If I don't get them into the release, I'll update them in... it's all a factor of how long everything takes, and I've still got to get Robot Wants Kitty out now!
  • ohhhh man i think i almost had to get my lucky brown pants seeing that screen shot.....awesome work man and there's gonna be spiders? i will kill them all with my trusty size 13 boot :D
  • edited October 2017
    What the heck... I never promised spiders for sure!   Peppermaster, you caused this, I'm going to make you an opponent in Solomon's Keep HD.
  • Looking forward to Keep HD. Can't wait to fight a boss who showers you with pepper.
  • Didn't expect free boss for spreading fake news. You better make that dire pepper (or a big pepper grinder)boss really annoying one. ;)

    P.s. I love ice magic.
  • edited October 2017
    LOL Dire Pepper -  causes your character to have sneeze attacks :o

    btw will there be banana peel gags in boneyard like there was in sk? man that always made me laugh
  • Nah I think peppermaster boss should have steam jet...cause we all know how much he loves steam jet.  ;)
  • This is now canon.
  • Omg raptisoft! Magic inventory not taking a perk slot! I will now have an operation just so I can have your babies!
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