Status 10/6/17

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Still working on the same stuff, going slower than I expected, just little random crap going wrong all the time-- just a factor of fighting with the old code base.  Androidians, please stand ready for an open beta on [date redacted to prevent quantum re-alignment].


  • :D :D :D
  • You know, the last 10% of work take 90% of the time. Just kidding ;-)
  • Can You Add Change Country Flag on Hoggy 2 Update Because I'm Philippine Kid
  • BastiK, that's not even a joke, it's completely true in game development.

    Magnum: Let me think of a way to not have it be abused...
  • Haha. Yeah I know, I am kind of a developer, too ;-)
  • @BastiK, got anything out there we can look at?
  • Well sadly no- nothing a consumer will ever see.. I am working for a hardware focused company which creates a lot of (rather complex) software compared to their competitors... I am mostly there for infrastructure topics- creating tools for preparing computers for our software (installing .Net and SQL for example) and installation programs, trying to simplify deployment- although our teams used nearly every Microsoft- invented technology at least once- which makes it often a headache...
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