Mobiles For PC?

i really want Get Lucky and Solomon Keep for PC plz
i thought its ported to PC 


  • You will get solomons keep for pc next year.
  • John recently said he hasn't been able to find the source code for Get Lucky. This probably includes its PC version.
  • Well, honestly, Get Lucky is a game that can be written over again, completely from scratch, in less than 24 hours. :)
  • I'm not surprised. Judging by what little video footage the game has, its gameplay appears to be quite simple.

    If you really can't find the source code anywhere, is there any chance you could remake it at some point? Not now, of course.
  • Yeah, actually it'd be a nice lark to do between projects.  But guys... that game is like the biggest nothingburger.  It's barely a game, it's more a slot machine. 
  • To be honest, yeah, I'm not expecting all that much from the game. But it would still be nice to have this part of your history preserved.

    Incidentally, is Boonka Snap just the same game with a different coat of paint or does it have actual gameplay differences?
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    No, exact same game with different graphics.  Didn't even change one line of code.  But it had really nice music (Boonka has the best music of any game you've never heard of).

    But I wrote Get Lucky as a test app to just see how this whole iPhone thing worked back then... aside from learning the operating system, it was less than a day's work.

    But that said, now that ads are an alternative to actually getting people to put up money, it might be worth re-releasing just for the $2/day it probably will generate.

  • Do you still have a compiled version of Get Lucky? If so, you could at least extract its assets from it to speed things up a little. Unless you'd have to re-draw them in a higher resolution anyway. Don't know how much the standards have changed since its release.

    Also, if you decide to remake Get Lucky, could you give Boonka Snap the same treatment? If the code is completely identical, all you'd have to do is recreate any lost assets.
  • I am able to get hold of the assets... just the code is gone.  Yeah, it'd be pretty easy to put the Boonka Snap graphics right in, too.  Though I'm a little unsure what my current legal status is with Boonka Snap-- I technically gave Sandlot Games the publishing rights, but now they're bought out, so I'm really unsure of the disposition of that.

  • Oh, that's problematic. You see, nobody really knows who owns Sandlot Games nowadays. They sold themselves to Digital Chocolate in 2011, who then shut them down in 2012 before going bust themselves some point later. Ever since then, their games just gradually disappear from one storefront after another.

    Some time ago, the guy behind another one man company who worked with them once, Alpha72 Games, said he has no idea who the new co-owner of his game, Snail Mail, is. Only that they're not paying him the royalties he was supposed to receive. So basically, Sandlot Games is now in the hands of a phantom who doesn't seem to interact with the outside world in any way whatsoever.

    Your best bet would probably be to try getting in contact with former executives of either Sandlot Games or Digital Chocolate.

    BTW, does the same legal status also apply to Boonka?
  • Yep, I don't get royalties on Boonka either.  Not that Boonka made very much.  But yeah, same situation, though I doubt Boonka royalties would be worth going after.  Though that game might do okay on mobile.

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