Potential bug in android version

Upon levelling up, it's currently possible to hit the back button on your android device and cancel the level up, losing all the experience but gaining nothing. I did it once by accident and repeated it several times to be sure.

Is this something that can be fixed or is it just how android works?


  • Good catch.  I'll fix it in the update.
  • I noticed another leveling up bug while experimenting on my character skill builds. I went to use an edited ring (7500% exp) and when I killed group a monsters I would go from (for example) level 5 to level 9 but only see one skill upgrade screen instead of 4.
  • The dangers of editing! :)
  • Wait, the game is moddable?
  • edited October 2017
    Yeah thats the one thing IOS stops you from seeing are the files/folders contained within the Iphone/Ipod (unless you jail break it) whereas android is just an overhauled linux operating system and like windows you can see your folders/files in linux (even more so if you root it), after seeing Solomon Dark and all it's wonderment (that i could understand) i figured SK and Boneyard would both be the origin that made SDark so moddable. I have to say i understood SK alot easier than SDark for sure, it's almost like an html language (back when i used to mess with html 1.0). really fun stuff you've made rapti.
  • Well, be aware that unless you SPECIFICALLY make a game for modding, we developers leave in all kinds of crazy stuff.  In this case, what happened was your XP accumulator went over the threshold, but the game is like, of COURSE nothing in the game could make you pass two levels at one time... and didn't handle it.

    Notice that Dark DOES handle it... but Dark was built for modding.
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