Status 10/7/2017

Still tweaking finishing touches on Boneyard, but it's really near the end of the dev now.  I probably will NOT put any new monsters in the initial release, though I also probably will update a few in. 

There's new perks though, and the magic inventory system has been COMPLETELY revamped so that you speak to the scavenger to pick through everything he's scavenged-- it's more like Solomon Dark.  But you have to unlock the scavenger!  And the most he's holding, the more he charges you to take a look (what, it's heavy to lug around)... so unforge those useless rings!

1. Boneyard Beta
2. Quick SK update to fix bugs
3. Start Robot Wants Kitty port
4. Release Boneyard as soon as it seems good
5. Beta Robot Wants Kitty

I will be doing all this as fast as I can.  No dates, though. 


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